Back in town

The mouthpiece was more utilitarian than aesthetic. When you placed it on, you realized several things immediately, also realizing that it was Septul’s subtle influence that brought instant awareness of these many fine details: the mouthpiece masked your breathing sounds confining them from within, it also seemed to generate clean air within it that bore a near flowery aroma. This cleaner air had an invigorating effect, sharpening your awareness significantly. Further, you could actually talk but it sounded nothing more than a whisper to the hearer, as Gwen observed. You realize you could remain underwater or in airless pockets for extensive periods, and be impervious to gaseous traps.

‘Suits you actually, makes you look more terrifying’ Gwen said with a laugh.

She slowly nursed a glass of expensive wine, feigning a frown ‘Oh what, you’re so eager to be rid of me so quickly?! You little bugger it’s another woman isn’t it!?’ she snarled dramatically, feigning anger then laughed, ‘Kyrillia’s cause? I’m not entirely sure what her cause is. Well, I’d always fancied wielding a proper brand. Me daddies a blacksmith fore his business ran dry. Bloody Elsmyrian steel nothing can compare to it. Tell me more about your adventures…’ she caressed your naked chest and fondled Septul quizzically, enamored with it ‘it looks fit for a king to wear, you devil you how on Earth did you ever aquire it? Forget it, i don’t think I want to know! Save the story for more…romantic setting’

When Gwen slept after a mere glass of expensive wine, you stole from the room through the window. You ran rooftop to rooftop, coming upon a distant tower you somehow knew was Thrag’s personal tower. Scaling it was not much of a challenge, when you gained height there were fewer handholds and the walls were smooth. As you studied the top turrets you realized it will require a longer time to properly gain it.

The climb was a pain in the ass, but you managed it despite its incredible difficulty. When you neared the top, you heard a distinctive whistling alerting you to a guard. Your spectral vision came to life and you noted the two stationary guards hunched over a game of craps, drinking and gambling. Both had a pair of guard dogs who were even more bored than their masters, lazing about uninterested in their masters uninteresting game of chance.

When your foot touched the ground, you snagged a tripwire that rang a series of small windchime bells nearby.

Guard #1: “What in the bloody hell?”

Guard #2: “Ah relax would’cha? It was prob that worthless cat, or the wind it gets pretty fierce up this high’

Guard #1: “Cat aint worthless, she’s a natural born mouser’

Guard #2: *farts obnoxiously loud* ‘well bugger off and go check it out, for fooks sake why do you think I got you this job! So I can take it easy!’

Guard #1: “Ah very well, have to take a shit anyhow. Mind the fort’

Guard #2: “Bring a bit o’ bacon and some fresh beer while yer at it eh?”

Guard #1: “Why yes mi’lord, a splendid idea. Perhaps I’ll bring ya back a cheap whore to fuck while I’m at it!’

SEPTUL:Lord Thrag is one of the more loathed of houselords for his various perversions. His weakness is women, as well as his intense greed. If you were to rob him properly many other houselords would lavish you with respect and admiration. It’s known he keeps a dungeon-harem where he takes his sex slaves and ‘breaks’ them in. Slavery is outlawed in Nyr, and highly punishable by royal decree.
While the guardsmen prattled, you moved towards an unguarded door facing the coast to the north. Within a few minutes, you had the lock opened and slipped through, just as a guard was slowly turning the corner.

“Thought I saw something” he muttered, then you heard the same guard fishing for a keyring.

“Damn it which key was it now?” you heard the man through the open window to the right of the door.


You stealthed inside of a tower guard-room, furnished with a wooden desk, a weapon rack, a cloak mounted on the wall, and some sort of log book on the desk with various notes written in it. There’s a single square shaped trapdoor in the floor with an iron loop for a handle as well as a rope ladder thats next to it. You struggled fiercely but managed to pry it open using your legs and pulling hard. Leaping through and closing it quietly you slipped into a circular passageway. When you landed the new boots you wore absorbed the brunt of the impact and doubly soaked up any damning sounds you might have ordinarily generated.

As you fell quietly, you spotted the back of a soldier walking away from you a dagger toss ahead. Another was coming your way from the opposite direction! You slipped into the shadowy section of the wall and stood perfectly frozen when the guard and even his shepard walked right past you entirely. Though you were motionless, the tip of your shortsword made a click against the stone wall. The guardsman drew his sword instantly, growling ‘whose there?!’ then, questioning his own sanity sheathed his weapon, ‘damned rats’ and continued along, ‘where’d that fucken cat disappear to?’ the guard said to himself.

As you followed after the guard you came across a door where a 3rd guard was posted and stationary. Meanwhile, the trapdoor above crept open and the ladder dropped. The guardsman from the roof slid down and walked right past you as you became one with the wall. The inky black cloak of Ash’s seemed to be a portable curtain of darkness entirely.

When the guard reached the door he barked a command to one of the other guards ‘go down to the kitchen and bring a bit o’ bacon, some beer and be quick about it! Oh, send one o’ yer little shit for brain ‘squires’ to fetch us a proper whore, we’ll pitch in for her. Go try the Banshee, ask for Numaress or Helena. Those sordid sluts seem to delight my cock rather than coin, heh heh’

The same guardsman returned toward the rope ladder,  turning ‘and be quick about it!’ then began climbing up the ladder.

One of the two hall guards said ‘come on with me, need your help fetching one o’ the barrels of beer from the winecellar, and I have to take a monstrous shit’

The two guards sauntered off leaving one at the door. The guardsman stood taut and alert, ‘nobodies going to get past Duncan!’

Septul had exerted her dominance over the man who was entangled in her infuence, you saw for a moment a red aura of crimson light surround the guardsmans head and he clutched at it in agony for a spell before succumbing to her will. The guardsman smiled and beckoned you over toward him, greeting you with a grin ‘ah, good to see you. Listen, go on in, have yourself a time. Don’t worry about a thing, nobodies getting past me. Just try to keep things down, though I somehow doubt you will you cheeky bastard! Mainly for me, or I might get jealous hahaha’

When you stole into the bedchamber, with a guard at your command you came into a luxurious, kingly loft fitted with a sea of plush cushions and exotic easternese rugs. There, laying lazily in a four poster king sized bed with her back toward you was a full figured goddess with long wavy tresses of dark coffee colored hair, and a body that would bring most kings to their knees. She was clad scantily save for a jeweled thong-like cloth and bra-top. When you dared draw closer, a black panther came out of the shadows and caught you off guard. The adult feline drew you into a corner with deliberate terseness in its poise, prepped to spring upon you at any given moment. The woman spun about, her gleaming eyes eying you with a cross of curiosity and bewilderment ‘just who in the nine hells are you!?’

WHEN YOU STOOD THERE HUNCHED BEFORE THE MENACING FELINE ITS YELLOW HOURGLASS EYES BORED INTO YOU, YOUR MIND GLIMPSED FRAGMENTED IMAGERY you knew were thefted from the raven haired woman’s mind. The panther’s name came to mind: Talon, this beautiful slave had named it. Lord Thrag had gifted it to her as a birthday gift, yet you somehow came to realize Thrag who worshipped women was ill equipped to pleasuring them. It was his habit to prevent some from obtaining love except through himself, or to inflict hideous torments on those he wished he could lavish ecstasy upon. Realization came that Septul, refreshed had an effect of siphoning the thoughts of the living, as easily as the amulet could consume their living souls.


  1. graphalfkor says:

    Septul chuckled, “I cannot loose myself because I and the shadus are one and the same. The high cleric wrought this world based on my own intellect, and verdant imagination. However since you possess me, the plane adheres to your will and obeys your commands. Since you suffer some confusion, it is better to explain it as such: it is a world that mirrors the prime material plane as it is modeled after the prime except it is crafted from a shadowy essence that can be shaped and molded. Also, you move by pure instinct not so much thought but more on desire and want. 
    You can command the wall here to become a door, or to make a door vanish entirely and have a house, mansion, castella, or city materialize. For the most part I have layed out the Shadus to mirror Scarlor as it was from my memory as a vampire in physical form, its most likely changed considerably since those times.
    You can see all that I know, visually. Like maps, scrolls, tomes, and retrieved information from the great library in Lor. Most of what I possess in knowledge are contained in chambers throughout the Shadus, and some cannot be accessed by me directly but only by you. You may bring friends and enemies here, friends to rest and recover from their wounds, to train and to plan. Enemies to die at my hands or by your own. Some you can simply lock away within the Shadus for as long as you deign. But you must have a care! Some who possess great power may perceive your physical body, even though it is hid and guarded and try to enter into it. Hence, in the prime material plane they would possess your body and your soul would be trapped here until someone took possession of the amulet, and you could possess that person. This is highly improbable, but some who were foolish had brought Ta’narri lords here who easily escaped”

  2. Whisper says:

    Whisper took everything in that Septul very patiently explained to him.  He tried to recall any of his past teachers that might have taught him anything about this place.  It all seemed very foreign to him and difficult to initially wrap his mind about.  “How is it that you have not also lost your sense of self to this place Septul?”  Whisper found himself speaking the words out loud while his mind began to wonder if the action was entirely futile.  Just then the thief’s eyes and thoughts both focused on the beautiful woman’s smile which reminded him of her nature.  He had not found her a victim in quite some time and here he was with only a vague idea of how to escape this plane of existence …. <Gulp!>

  3. graphalfkor says:

    Septul waved a dismissive hand ‘you’re not dead, you silly fool, and you haven’t lost me to that little fiend. You were dying, but I pulled you here. Your physical body is here in the Shadus healing. Time here passes far slower than in the prime. Do you see Alcar there, and your friends? They move like statues. Since your physical body is in this plane it is already healed on the prime. When you enter into your body there, you will be whisked back into the prime material plane. As such, since time’s deadly hand is not so terrible herein you may journey here for extended periods to rest, recover, and regain yourself. If you’re half as clever as you think yourself you’ll know how to capitalize on this to your gain”

  4. Whisper says:

    “I apologize for failing you and delivering you into the hands of Alcar.  I imagine that he will be a cruel master and that is a fate you do not deserve.”  Whisper tried to communicate but he was not sure if he was speaking or thinking the words at the moment.  He had never thought that death would be this pleasant, an eternity spent in the company of a beautiful woman…

  5. graphalfkor says:

    AS YOU BROKE OFF FROM THE TWO, AUTOMATON #1 struck you with its twirling green lit staff, its acid green light melted through your armor and burned your flesh (-7 hp dmg) the second animated thing smote you with another brutal blow (-7 hp dmg) its staff seemed to melt right through your armor and where it touched you all flesh melted before the acid green light. The first automaton used its staff to swipe the lever upward. You flicked a dagger at the first of these unliving things and it tore into the metal creatures neck (natural 20-critical) where a fount of some sickly green liquid gushered forth, dissolving some of its own metal armor-like skin. Despite this, you saw the metal of its being rapidly begin to ‘regenerate’ just as troll flesh might. The second automaton leveled its staff at you and out flew an arc of green light that blasted into you and tore into your being with gruelling pain (-4 hp dmg) “stop him he’s getting away!’ someone bellowed angrily.
    Soon thereafter you were fleeing down the corridor, back into the elevator and the door closed just as a group of hooded men and hobgoblins were loosing crossbow bolts at you. The projectiles misfired, bounced off of the closing sliding doors harmlessly.
    The doors opened up and you rushed out into a cool damp corridor where Storm had taken Alcar for questioning. When you got to the interrogation chamber, you found Morga and Storm locked inside of the cage. When you moved toward them something slipped a sharp shortsword into the small of your back (-20 hp dmg) “see you, sucker!” you heard Alcar’s familiar voice hiss. Potion of accelerated healing: (+13 hp restored) all you could sense and hear were loud footsteps approaching, the shouting of mens voices, Morga and Storm saying something. You felt cold, very cold, life draining out of you rapidly. Then you drifted into a deep sleep, and jolted into an awakened state. When you opened your eyes, it looked as if you were in some sort of dream-like reality. You were for as far as you could tell in the interrogation chamber except, everything appeared to be made out of a dark charcoal black colorless gray hue. When you got up, it wasn’t your physical muscles but your sheer will that moved your body.
    Standing before you was a woman with a cowl low over her face, you couldn’t see her eyes or facial features until she removed her hood revealing the beautiful visage of a flawless woman of exquisite features, and you noted two telltale eyeteeth jutting out of the roof of her mouth. You were hovering in the air, floating, as if in zero gravity. In the room you saw Storm, Morga inside the cage motionless, and Alcar hovered over your body as if searching for it desperately but he was frozen still.
    The woman said ‘Well well well, it looks as though you’ve unraveled one of the dweomers of the amulet’ she said in Septul’s familiar voice, chuckling. ‘You’re in the shadus plane, my master. When you reach close proximity to the gate that leads to the great beyond I’m able to bring you to me. As such, your corporeal body fades and is protected. Good, this means you have infused with the amulet faster than anticipated. Of course, you can come here at will now. When you sleep your body will be transported here as long as you carry the amulet with you”

  6. Whisper says:

    With the bulk of the attacking force temporarily contained Whisper attempted to elude the automatons.  Since he only had his enchanted boots and short sword with him at the moment he dared not go toe to toe with these foes.  Not that he would normally but now would be even more foolish…

  7. graphalfkor says:

    ONCE YOU MADE IT TO THE GUARD ROOM, you saw the left hand passageway was full of men in cowled hoods, flowling cloaks each outfitted with shortswords, daggers, crossbows, fifteen total with a squad of ten Hobgoblins. The door sealed shut, when you noticed glowing green lights flare out at you from the darkness. Your body reacted before your mind could and you leaped over then crouched low to avoid two dark beings, they appeared to be metal skeletons with glowing green eyes who bore staves that were filled with the same greed light. *clink clink* you parried the secondary blows with your shortsword and dagger with perfectly executed checks.

  8. Whisper says:

    Whisper blinked off the initial shock of witnessing some sort of assault on Southern Cross’s city barracks being launched right in front of him.  Quickly surmising that this group was likely working with assassin from earlier he was scared for his health given his current situation.  Whisper moved his foot enough to send one of Alcar’s daggers from his left boot into the air in front of him.  He snatched it out of the air and was on the move towards that lever as fast and silently as he could muster.  It seemed to be his best and only play at the moment…

  9. graphalfkor says:

    The last bits of snake venom have been removed from your blood, you feel better now.

    The Elf cried out ‘seize him!’ and several guards ‘pretended’ to give chase after you. The elevator bore you down towards a lower level. When the door tore open, you ran forth into the corridor. Up ahead, a lone guardsman at his post held a bullseye lantern. There was another passageway to his immediate left and he was peering down it intently as if studying something when he suddenly reached for his spear but it was too late, several arrows killed him instantly.
    you strained to listen for a moment: detect noise: success:
    voice: “Spread out, find the damn bastard. He looks like a pretty little scrawny rat, easy as stealing the underclothes off a cheap whore’
    Another guard moved to shut the door by pulling a lever but shared the same fate as his friend, his desperation for nothing. ‘Lord Dreygar needs to hire better men, these bums die too easily, no sport’ another voice blurted.
    You could see the outline of 15 men clearing a gaping hole in the end of a dungeon cell corridor, a hole that looks to have been the result of a sizable explosive force. The men were dressed in cowled hoods and armed with shortsword, daggers, and light crossbows. “Send the walkers forward” another voice intoned in a commanding way.
    Then out of the side passage came two hooded and cloaked beings with pulsating green eyes and dark metallic skin. Both carried staves that bore an acid green radiance, and they were certainly no ordinary men. They resembled human skeletons vaguelly, they were automatons.  When one prisoner was crying out for release, one of these metal ‘creatures’ pointed its staff at the doomed prisoner, when a single green lightening arc lashed out and struck the man turning him into a pile of dust-like salt ash.

  10. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper took off running down the hallway, occasionally forcing himself to step into the lit portions or scuff a foot to make a bit of noise as if he was recklessly fleeing.  Finally close to the elevator he yelled out in Alcar’s voice trying to sound as jovial as possible, “Let Lord Dreygar know that Alcar has escaped his clutches yet again!”  Fairly certain that the elven ambassador would over hear or had noted his flight down the hallways it wouldn’t be long before the pursuit was in earnest so he paused only briefly inside the elevator to listen for pursuit before pushing a different button then what Storm had pressed to bring them to this location…  <>

  11. graphalfkor says:

    The guardsman growled ‘how dare you!’ he looked to make a move and reached for his sword but Storm growled at him ‘do as he says!’ the guard continued his angry stare then said ‘aye mi’lord’
    Septul:  I would not fret so much, after you’ve worn me for a month you will discover you no longer need ordinary food, water, sleep, and never know fatigue or weariness. It’s one of the properties of the dweomer set inside of the amulet. However, I would avail upon you to pursue the path of the warrior, at least a minor investment into the art of the fighter. And, focus your agility and skill on a weapon of choice. I would recommend the throwing dagger. There are some thieves who could loose 8 daggers at a single throw and each would hit their individual mark. Such deadly precision power could be yours if you train hard.
    The guards continued the act of pretense, and the Elf messenger sneered at the guardsman ‘Such incompetence! Is this how Lord Dreygar’s subordinates conduct themselves? I knew he had a force of raw green recruits but this is absurd. What if there were a drow uprising from the dark elf lands! You and your ilk would be wiped out’
    You stood there in the shadows, and the visual overlay that Septul imparted was depicting the guardsman and enhancing his voice so you could hear it more succinctly, and you could see the Elf’s form in vivid detail including hidden weaponry, items, and what was infused with dweomers.
    Then, a massive vibration of the keep’s foundation which felt to originate from below the tower. Then, six units of soldiers came jaunting down the hall in a militant formation, heading back toward the dungeons.
    “Bloody hell!” one man cried out somewhere nearby.
    The Elven ambassador looked aghast, ‘what lunacy transpires?!’ he asked the guardsman who informed him of Alcar’s escape, ‘I’ll hold your Lord responsible for Alcar’s escape. The Empress desired for his proper execution, he’s wasted enough good breath as is’

  12. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper slapped the nearest armored soldier in the face, the blow from the weak armed rogue brought a fierce grimace and a glare from the startled man.  “Run past where the ambassador is being detained.  Yell and cry out that the elf has escaped and raise the alarms.  Go now fool!  You other five bumble about the halls as if your looking for the escaped elf.”  With his Alcar/elf disguise in place he told Storm and Morga in Alcar’s own voice(Non Weapon Prof:Ventriloquism), “Give Alcar a good one from me!” and closed the door to Alcar’s cell.  The young rogue retreated down the hallway in the opposite direction that the first soldier went to alert the ambassador and the rest of the guards.  ‘Septul, you are right about pushing past the exhaustion, I just hope my body holds up for a bit longer.   I’m hoping to lead the city guard and this elf fellow on a hunt through town for as long as I can.’

  13. graphalfkor says:

    SEPTUL: you’re tired? You can be tired when you’re old and gray haired. There’s a path before you, one of greatness and the other of lessers who grew tired too early in the game. Everything in a mortals world is tiring and hard, you must rise above it to prevail.
    Suddenly, there were markings in the air before you and your eyes grew accustomed to the darkness perfectly. Septul somehow added some sort of visual yellow series of notations on whatever it is you were seeing, such as the distance to the end of the hall you were in, or the best possible path to moving silently with yellow outlined footfalls to follow, and outlines of shadowed gradations for optimum stealth. 
    When you made it into the interrogation room, Storm and Morga were there. And a squad of six armored soldiers each with a spear observing the two lay into Alcar. 
    Storm: “this chamber is laid with lead, so you can’t use your tricks this time Elf’
    Morga glimpsed you and said ‘what’re you doing here? Get to the ambassador’s minion before its too late! Damn it’
    SEPTUL: you should have assumed Alcar’s identity, by now the ambassador’s arbiter is growing impatient and restless, if not outright infuriated. He will tarry to confirm those suspicions then race back to the embassy. The ambassador will send word to his Empress and then, all hell may break loose. The Elven Imperium will set an example, even at expense of an ally.

  14. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    ‘Where the hell do I find one of those?’  Whisper responded to Septul’s idea of a plan.  ‘When in the hell was I supposed to kill the bastard?  I doubt Storm would have stood by as I casually buried a dagger up to the hilt in Alcar’s eye.  Sorry Septul, I’m tired and this whole thing is turning to shit.  I didn’t mean to criticize your guidance.’  Whisper brought his equipment into the interrogation room and placed it behind the door.  Taking a sip of the olive oil he too then placed that on the floor.  He returned to the darkened hallway leaving the door slightly ajar and waited in the shadows, well aware that without his magical equipment his skills were nowhere near their peak.  ‘How about an escape and a chase instead?’

  15. graphalfkor says:

    Storm considered the request, then said “Nay, I fear not. That’s why I suggested you to engage the Elf arbiter yourself. You take him lightly, he’s not a fool to be easily deceived and preoccupied by distractions that would work on the witless. He’ll sniff deception just as quickly as you would a fat purse on a fat merchant foreigner. Most of the Lord Commander’s men are nothing but farmers sons and green recruits, who would faint at the sight of a green skinned orc. They’re good lads but not tricksters”
    Morga turned to you: “keep the Elf busy, we haven’t time to waste. Every moment our enemies plans are further advanced!’
    The pair ran off towards the interrogation rooms.
    Septul: Storm is correct, you underestimate the Elves. You should have killed Alcar a long time ago! Now he needs to be interrogated within a span of mere minutes. He’s hiding something. Tell the Elven diplomat he’s died from his wounds, but you’d better produce a body that is convincing!

  16. Whisper says:

    Whisper nodded his head in the gloom, “I could try, given a dark enough room I might be able to pull off such a ruse for a while.  Since your choosing the less than honest approach Storm, would you object to a few suggestions from this Jez’zur rat?”  Whisper began removing his armor in the darkened hallway well aware that Morga was nearby.  Replacing the daggers on the sides of his assassin’s boots with Alcar’s exquisite pair he stood up and reached for his pack.  From his pack he consumed a potion of advanced healing as he continued to work on his disguise.  When finished preparing the disguise he takes his bottle of olive oil and nods to his allies.  ‘Septul, do you think you could pry into the mind of this elven ambassador if he were in the same room or perhaps even charm him?’  He questioned his closest ally while asking his other allies for a favor.  “I could use both of your help as well in stringing this bastard along for even longer.  Can someone go to the ambassador and play the role of a self important scribe.  Give the ambassador the royal pain in the ass treatment!  Find faults with his forms, ask pointless questions, take him to meet Lord Dreygar by the round about route, discuss pointless topics…  All to buy us more time.”  Whisper let the magical bag dangle in the air between the three.  “A magical bag, I used it to carry Alcar here as if he were no more then two coppers jingling around in there.  Should we become pressed for time we could hide Alcar in there for a later date and claimed he escaped yet again.”

  17. graphalfkor says:

    LORD DREYGAR nodded, ‘go right then turn left and up the spiral staircase. He’s in the first door you get to’
    The Lord Commander resumed reading the stack of parchments on his desk and talking to one of his aides.
    You strode through the passageways of the keep, glimmers of sunrays shone through slits in different odds and angles.
    Septul: ironic, most thieves struggle to stray far and clear of this place.
    You tried the door and it opened, Storm was seated at a table, where three large bottles laid, a loaf of hot bread, and he was polishing weapons then threw a dagger in the wooden doorframe next to you, deliberately perhaps ‘ah, well I’ll be damned I had you pegged for a professional killer’ he laughed and drank deeply of a bottle, uncorked a second and poured you a chalice ‘sit and drink awhile, Jez’zur cat. I don’t trust anyone I haven’t shared a cup or three with, and I hardly know anything about you other than you’re good at finding coin’ in his bed were two young vixens from the Banshee that you recognized, obviously spent. One made a move to rise and join in an invitation for fun, but Storm gave her a stone look and said ‘I didn’t mention you, wench’
    He sighed, patting you on the back ‘I saw you in the square, you and Morga. Your two cousins died there, didn’t they?” he said this in a non-sarcastic manner but rather a sympathetic one, ‘Nyrian firewine, from my own vineyard. Made during the decade long summer of my birth. This, my wily friend you cannot filtch readily’ he offered you a fill and corked it as if it were precious.
    Storm’s gray eyes bored into you, ignited with a checked fury and excitement, ‘I saw that crossbowman from afar, a sharp eyed half-elf, with a black eyepatch over his left eye and long silver hair, black armor and cloak. Stop and consider this my friend, he knew you and your mates would be out cutting through the plaza, and he waited patiently for you. Isn’t it fair to assume the ones responsible for this are watching us as we speak?” he said, then slammed his chalice hard on the wooden table and drew near, pointing a finger upward ‘and I’ve every blasted suspicion my foul uncle is behind this. Trade places with me my friend. Kyrillia need not know. She insists on you going instead, but this time she is wrong. You and Morga don’t know Lor like I do. What can you two do? Kraybor’s got the Black Scorpions in his pockets, and then there’s the Dark Moon Sons. You’ll never penetrate Lor without stirring the hornets nest. You’re but one thief, albeit a talented one. But what is that against the scorps? Their nefarious deeds are the stuff of legends”
    Morga burst into the room. She was wiping down one of her bladed glaives, ‘I hurted the sonofabitch but he was faster than anyone I’ve given chase before, and he moved unlike any I’ve seen, fluid and agile. Gave him something to remember us by, sorry I thought I had the cur!’ she seated herself and helped herself to a cup, draining it rapidly then insisting on another ‘damn scum!’ she roared and broke the clay cup in her hand, heedless of the blood that seeped through her gloved hand.

    Two soldiers knocked softly on the door, and tentatively entered ‘pardon mi’lord Storm, the Elven prisoner is in interrogation room five however a representative from the Elven Embassy in Lor has come and demanded by royal writ and law to see and speak with the prisoner. He’s in the ready room next to the first floor guard room. Should we allow him to see the prisoner?”

  18. Whisper says:

    Whisper watched as Alcar disappeared down the hallway being dragged by the pair of soldiers.  “Lord Dreygar, that one can travel the planes at will.  I hope you have a room that would prevent such an escape, else he’ll avoid our questions and his proper fate yet again.  Now, which way to that room you mentioned?”  Whisper smiled, exhaustion evident on his face.  After a few steps in the direction Dreygar indicated he stopped and turned around.  “Lord Dreygar, I have a bit of advice for you.  You best not short Morga 10 gold ever again on a bounty.”  
    Whisper agreed to Septul’s plans for Alcar and hoped to get the dangerous elf alone after a bit of much needed sleep.

  19. graphalfkor says:

    Septul: perhaps, but they both like you. Enough of a seed to germinate into sweet romance, if you play your cards right. The Nyriddian fancies you, as does the Elsmyrian. Play on their feelings to compete for your affections. It’s best to have those who serve you to serve you to the maximum height of their potentiality. Do so before another is able to steal their hearts, like Storm or Ash, or even Valtor.

    Nyrul coughed up blood, and he fought to retain life “cousin, you must endure for the sake of our house” he grabbed you by the tunic and pulled you closer ‘remember me’ then he faded and died. You grabbed the bag he bore earlier and moved towards the Elf and inserted him into the magic bag, along with Inun until you discovered that she too was dead.
    Quickly you made it to Dreygar’s keep. The Lord Commander bade you into his chambers and ordered the door sealed shut. When you produced a bloodied and near death Alcar, Dreygar motioned to his two subordinates ‘fetch the healer, be quick about it!’ the commander says ‘good work lad, this little bastard has a good deal of information we can certainly use. I’ll get him to wag his tongue ere long” he placed his arm around your shoulders and guided you along toward the door ‘my guards will show you to a room, if you wish to unwind if only for a spell. Storm’s just down the hall if you want to join him. Go and keep him company, he could use a good friend right about now. All of this recent news is a dark cloud over his shoulders. The news about hsi uncle is a blight on his honor” Inun you discovered was quite dead, the bolts that took her were laced with poison.

    Septul: they served their purpose, if only for a very short while. Think of it this way: at least you didn’t know them terribly well, it would have been far worse had you a deeper connection with them and then suffered the loss. They did kill off many of your enemies. The fate of assassins is often sealed by other assassins.
    “This isn’t over” Alcar said feebly as he was being dragged gently by two of Lord Dreygar’s soldiers.

  20. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper ran to his cousin’s side with all of his natural and unnatural speed.  ‘Septul, those same thoughts have crossed my mind.  I just have to tread carefully to ensure that is what happens because either of those fiery women would not hesitate to spill my blood if they felt slighted.’  The fragile rogue knew that he could not carry Alcar’s body nor could he drag it all the way to the dungeon.  He skidded to a stop next to his cousin’s prone form and with one hand he checked for life in his cousin while the other attempted to gather up the magical bag his cousin had used previously to contain Alcar.(Pick Pockets?)  “Nyrul, can you hear me?!?”  He’d gladly give his cousin a healing potion if that would keep the man among the living, he regretted not splitting the potions amongst them in Eldanar’s shop.  Would the potions have saved his families lives?  How long did their powers last?  Too many questions to be answered in this chaotic time especially if their assailant had cohorts in the area.
    OC: Future plan is: Gather up Alcar and Inun in the sack if possible and make it to Dreygar’s dungeon.  If Alcar’s not long for this world he’ll gladly speed him along his way and then let Septul consume him.

  21. graphalfkor says:

    When your vision changed into Septul’s second sight, you saw the crossbowman in a bell tower of a church. His yellow outline revealed him clearly. You launched the javelin and watched as it turned into a bolt of lightening. The bolt tore into the assassin and electrocuted him, but then he ran off the north side of the bell tower and fell into a stack of hay below, leaped out and throws a dagger into a mounted watchman’s eye, shooting a second watchman and stealing a horse.
    Morga was already mounting a steed nearby, and she bade you towards her ‘he’s heading for the north gate, grab Alcar! Get him to Dreygar’s tower. I’ll get this sonofabitch!’ she sped off like a bat out of hell, riding as fiercely as Kessa might.
    Septul: she’s a fierce woman, that Nyriddian. You’d do well to bed her, she would make a superior mate. With Kessa as a second wife, you’d have two beautiful and deady vixens with admirable skills. The Nyriddian is relentless and tough, quick to action and highly honed reflexes.

  22. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper pulled out the magical javelin Kessa had gifted him with as he huddled against the wall of a building.  He asked for Septul to give him the ability to see to the top of the tower.  The shock of losing his family members so suddenly hadn’t set into the young thief’s mind, he was worried more about keeping himself breathing for the time being and striking back at their attacker…

  23. graphalfkor says:

    Kyrillia: “Not at this moment, just get him out of my sight”
    Moving Alcar towards Dreygar’s keep, you spotted a flash of light reflecting from top of a tower to the north. Two bolts sunk into Alcar’s body, the first deep in his stomach and the second pierced his neck, opening up his jugular. Then, a pair of bolts slammed into Inun and killed her immediately. She died before her body crashed to the ground a bolt in her mouth, and a second in her right leg.
    Several townfolk scattered crying loudly, and people screaming nearby reverberated through the streets. 
    What do you do?

  24. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    “Understood.  Nothing will befall the elf before he’s within Dreygar’s dungeon.”  Whisper replied as he continued to twist the short sword slowly in the air while looking Alcar in the eye.  “Want me to check him here for evidence before we set off for Lord Dreygar’s dungeon?”  He sent his thought’s to Septul, ‘I say we let Dreygar’s men work Alcar over a while and then we step in and you feast upon his spirit.’

  25. graphalfkor says:

    [intimidation: failure] Alcar smiled, “spare me your threats, fool! Don’t ask me to confirm your guesses, the Dreygar ruse was to keep you fools busy and out of the way of our affairs. Your amulet shalt be deprived its intended meal. Hmmmm, you’re not half as stupid as these others, why don’t you join with me? We can use someone of your talents. Unless you simply like working for the losing side?” 
    “Enough! Take him to Lord Dreygar’s dungeon for interrogation. We need to know what he knows. Whisper, make sure nothing from now until he arrives in Dreygar’s dungeon befalls the Elf. Not until we’re absolutely certain that we’ve bled him dry of all vital information. This is handed down from her majesty herself, so you know how important this is”

  26. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper had heard enough and had watched Alcar simply walk out of one too many punishments just to turn up four steps down the very same road he traveled.  Alcar’s half lies did cause him to pause for a moment to try and discern truths from all of the bullshit.  His mind tried to fit together a bunch of the pieces to this puzzle that made no sense to him.  Whisper blinked his eyes and flinched slightly as a possible understanding of Alcar’s schemes came to him suddenly.  “The Watchers were the only ones who knew these secret locations you say?  Wouldn’t some of the old disciples of the God of Secrets and Knowledge also know these locations or at the least where to begin the search for such things?  The Dreygar ruse uncovered a tool you could use to find those lost locations didn’t it?  A Lorian that could be manipulated into finding the secrets for you or allow you to scour their secret archives yourself to find the locations.  You bore witness to a fraction of Septul’s powers not too long ago elf.”  Whisper drew his short sword and advanced on Alcar.  “So your very much aware that your not needed alive for us to learn all you know.  I certainly ain’t going to be telling anyone where you died and on what plane of existence it was trickster.  If your thinking of using your gift to travel the planes my blade and I will be right behind you Alcar, right … behind … you.”  Whisper stated the last three words slowly as he twisted the short sword’s blade in the air as if he was backstabbing a foe.  “Your choice: spill your guts or I will for you and then Septul will consume your spirit along with all of your knowledge.”

  27. graphalfkor says:

    Bane said to you: “be careful, lad. Remember all I said. These foes aren’t the atypical lot, but if we work together on this their power will wane. In the morn, I leave for Corealus to have audience with her majesty. Afterwards, seek me out in the Hangmans tavern, near the docks in Lor in two days time”
    When you entered Kyrillia’s quarters, she sat on a plush chair and the bedslave you freed was being groomed, her naked body slaked with oils and her hair braided by two girls. Kyrillia smiled, ‘you’re a rare feast for mens eyes, I could earn a sizable fortune with you in my care, girl. Hence forth you’ll be my handmaiden, and I cancel your debt to Lord Thrag” Kyrillia smiled at you and bade you enter ‘whats your name then, my sweet?”
    “Trin, mi’lady’
    Kyrillia nodded, ‘I’m sending you to our castella on Sograth isle, there you will live in comfort and security. Dress her and pamper her properly’
    ‘yes mistress’ one of the two girls answered meekly.
    Nyrul produced Alcar out of his bag, the Elf’s eyes and face were contorted in a mask of outrage. Kyrillia’s dark eyes examined him for a spell, then she chanted swiftly and the bindings on his hand and feet slipped away. The Elf was a bit flabbergasted, but any thoughts of escape were replaced by a curiousity and fear, ‘What’s the meaning of this?’ he asked.
    “You’re free to go” Kyrillia purred playfully.
    “You toy with me?” Alcar shot back.
    Kyrillia: “If you leave, whoever you work for won’t permit you to live since you’re nothing more than a blunderous failure. It’s been deduced you’ve worked for our advesaries, which is abundantly clear. You can tell us everything you can, or you can walk out that door and take your chances with your handlers. Personally, I do not think you would make it out the front door of this Inn unscathed’
    Alcar smiled, ‘ah, its information you seek?’ he laughed sarcastically, ‘you sorry fools! You wish to know about my handler?! I have no handler! I take orders from Lord Kraybor himself, and you ought be afraid Harkonnian bitch. The tawdry triumphs of your motley crew of fools are all lambs for lions, and a special slaughter awaits them. Your words are as empty as your future. Do you even think for one second that addled brained crusty old fart of a sorcerer was of any significance? He was merely a dispensable tool who served a insignificant lesser purpose in the grand scheme of the masters plans. Since you’re so curious mi’lady I will tell you this much, a storm is coming that will wipe out all the sheep and the witless who think they can stop it from happening. See this?” he grabs a parchment off the table before him ‘I created these! You think the master would allow a ragtag bunch of meddlers to enter his secret counsels! Hahahaha. Indeed, I think I will walk out that door, as a matter of fact there’s nothing you can do to prevent it. It so happens it is deigned a punishable crime to kill an Elf on Nyrian soil, diplomatic immunity my dear. Even an exile falls under this protection. To malign an Elf would bring the wrath of the entire Elven Empire crashing down on your heads”
    ‘Tell her what she wants to hear, arrogant cur!’ Nyrul spat, bringing the tip of his longsword under Alcar’s chin threatningly.
    Alcar, smiling smugly says “very well, since it matters not. While the witless cultists of Tharizdun seek the 333 gems, they embark on a fools errand. The gems are scattered across the multiverse in 333 different worlds so their finding, much less gathering would be an improbability unlikely event to ever transpire even if you lived a thousand lifespans, or set a hundred limited wishes to effect its harvesting. However, there are devices the old Gods who imprisoned the Lord of Darkness created that could certainly effect the chained God’s release. Thing is, the Watchers were the only ones who knew the location of these ancient artifacts and they’re all destroyed now. My master wanted them out of his way”

  28. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    “Thank you for your knowledge and insights Bane, none of us wanted to travel to Lor and be caught unawares.  Shall we all set out in the morning after we rest and break our fasts?  There should be plenty of time to catch up and swap stories on the way.”  Whisper asked of the other three, no longer anxious to be off to Lor.  Any thoughts he had of slaying Lord Kraybor as he did Lord Thrag were quickly erased at learning of all the dangerous foes that might be working together.  No, after learning more he supposed the best course of action would be to capture one of Kraybor’s higher ups and let Septul consume them.  They could then return to Southern Cross with the information Lady Kyrillia wanted and have fewer hounds chasing after them.
    OC: Should all agree to go to bed he will ask for Nyrul to accompany him to Lady Kyrillia’s room.  There was likely some explaining to do, a thief in a sack to hand over if he hadn’t shifted worlds yet, and a certain scantily clad woman to inquire about…

  29. graphalfkor says:

    Bane cooled down and relaxed a moment, thoughts leaping to his mind. He sat and looked at you in the eyes while his brain worked, ‘Yer going against Kraybor? You’ve a pair of stones the size of an ogres, kid. I’ll give you that much” he gnawed on a leg of mutton hungrily, ‘Yes, you can count on the black moon sons. They’re both fanatical cultists, but also trained killers. Their assassins tithe a portion of their life force in dark sacrements in exchange for powers of shadow and deception. Their priestly overseers are clerics who venerate daemons of significant influence in the lower planes. Instead of the typical hired killer who does a job for a hefty fee, these do it out of religious zeal” he finished the mutton leg and disgarded it on a platter, wiping his mouth on his sleeve.
    “The clergy of Lor are your best allies, and they make rich men out of thieves. However, they are too philosophical, too secretive and cryptic. You’ll never quite fathom the depths of their designs, despite how clever you think you are. A simple job can carry the weight of the world on it, and what seems to be epic tasks of incredible danger and intrigue was nothing more than a frivolous intrigue. If I were you, I would seek out a old friend named Galtrin Molsk, use his old title ‘The Black Axe’, though I usually called him simply ‘The Master’ and you’ll learn why if you seek him out. He was my master when I was but a young fool, trying to right every wrong for the sake of the realm. That old spy is the best damned fighter in the thirteen realms, so be careful what you say. If he thinks you up to no good he’d soon dispatch you to err on the side of caution. The Duke is loyal to the queen but is too heavily involved in statecraft to be bothered. Though if you were to do something exciting like penetrate his tower and steal into his offices he would be impressed enough to grant you an audience. He once was friendly to our cause if memory serves correctly. Oh, and one more thing. There is a masked hooligan who goes about town and preys on the corrupt, the greedy, and the violent. To date, none have been able to capture him, though once I faced him on top of castle red in old city. My task was to unmask him, at special request from the queen herself. He bested me in hand to hand, but his fighting style seemed varied. A hodge podge of styles interwoven to disguise the genesis of it. A bit of House Telemvor, a little of House Erodan, Succundus, and Arrowwind. I’m not a scholar of swordplay and I was fortunate he didn’t kill me that night. Though if I’d deigned to use my bow that duel may have had a different result. I didn’t wish to press it, after all we were on the same side of the fence. However, you can bet your arse you won’t find a more powerful weapon against Kraybor if the black masked one is brought back”

  30. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper’s worries about the identities of his cousin and half sister were laid to rest after witnessing the exchange between the three.  He had not even considered that there would be animosity between the two former watchers if they were to meet.  His wrists relaxed from their readiness to send a pair of daggers into his hands from his wrist sheathes.  He had judged that the quarters were too cramped to wield large weapons should someone be exposed as a fake.
    “Backstabber, huh?”  Whisper shook his head and let the slight roll off his shoulders for the time being, it was apparent that the ranger was in a foul mood.  “I’ve learned that the same group from the temple is scouring the orphanages around Lor and have infiltrated the city watch.  When we start looking into Kraybor’s business around Lor we’ll be stirring up a hornets nest real quick between him and their authorities.  Since you were recently their ‘guest’ at the dark temple, I figured you would know a bit more about what kind of foes we might be running into.”  Whisper paused for a moment to let Bane recall his recent past before finishing his requests of the ranger.  “Besides some thugs, a few black cloaks and maybe a black sect cleric any ideas on what to expect?  Do you know of any one that would aid us or that we should reach out to for information?  Anyone we should we avoid?”

  31. graphalfkor says:

    Morga smiled, and the tip of her foot played footsie with yours and she gave you a wry mischievious grin in response to your hard look, ‘Yes, the northerner’s in his room, it’s room number 23 I believe”
    When you went to make the appropriate introductions, Bane  allowed you to enter the room. Layed upon his desk 60 various colored arrows. Without looking at you or the others he said ‘So, you brought some company with you. If I had a care I’d think you were sent here to put an end to my life, heh heh” when he and Nyrul exchanged grasps of one anothers forearms neither made any visible gesture of acknowledgement. Bane said “Well, Nyrul I’d thought you died. Seems you succeeded in saving your own ass, then again you always had a miraculous talent at self preservation”
    Nyrul nodded, ‘one has to when one was once a Watcher. The secret brotherhood had many enemies, far too many for it to have realistically dealt with”
    Bane sneered at him, ‘Quite an excuse, oathbreaker. Had the queen ordered it I would have put an arrow in your jugular and gladly watched you die. Fortunately for you she was merciful and benign. Her ways are higher than ours it would seem”
    Inun: “don’t make such threats, Watcher. Nyrul still serves Nyr in his own right, just because he’s not doing it your way doesn’t mean he suffers a character deficiency”
    Nyrul: “Funny, I always looked up to you before now, ranger. I found your stupid ideologies infectious and honorable. Now I see that they’ve delluded you. Look at you now, sad and alone. Your order destroyed from within. Only the white bitch of the north as your puppetmaster. Do you not grow weary of being her witless slave?”
    Bane didn’t visibly react to Nyrul’s words, instead mindfully absorbed in inspecting his arrows. He paused to look back at Nyrul ‘My loyalty to Sybil is what it is, and of little concern to you. What know you of the white lady? If you even knew her ways you wouldn’t prattle on like a perfect fools ass. The Watcher’s will rise from the ashes, its not the first nor the last they’d thought to have been destroyed only to grow stronger than ever before” he paused to look at Inun dead in the eye ‘and when they do, all of their enemies will live out their days in hiding and terror” the ranger smiled smugly, as if some deeper meaning he kept hidden were behind the words he spoke. He pointed a finger in Nyrul’s face, ‘what of you? A hired blade, who kills from the shadows for frivolous honors. Don’t presume to lecture me on my life’s path, assassin. Go about your business and tread lightly around me, use your stealthly skills to ensure no sound draws my attention. Ironic is it not? You who turned from rangering to take on the life of a killer, and I the killer who took on the mantle of ranger”
    Inun: “Enough of this, you two squabble like a old pair of hags. Instead of inventing new problems, why don’t you simply play well. It’s abundantly clear there’s no room for rancour betwixt either of you”
    Nyrul shrugged, ‘I care not, it a past life which he speaks. I am no longer the ranger I once was, that part of me was forever erased. Truly, it has. The Lords of Dis wiped my mind of my past, just as they did you Bane. “
    Bane smugged, as if amused ‘well then you truly are the sadder creature between us. I had my mind purged of the violence done in my service to the throne. I do not, cannot fathom what darkness so bothered you that you would have need of the same ‘healing’ as myself. You were merely adopted by darkness, I was born to it”
    Nyrul didn’t say much else, ‘so be it, last of the Watchers’
    Bane turned sour eyes towards you, ‘well? What is it that brought you to me? I do not have time to squander ‘socializing’, backstabber. State your business’

  32. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper nodded to Morga and gave her an unflinching stare while doing so.  Hoping to alert the dangerous woman to be wary for the time being.  “I understand the arrangement with the keep and will abide by it.  Say, is the fella Kessa and I dragged back from the temple still here?  I’d like him to meet my cousin here.  From what I know of each of them they would have much in common.”  Whisper had not noticed Bane in the common room and would value the ranger and self proclaimed last of the watcher’s evaluation of his long lost cousin seated at the table with him.  According to his mother’s letter Nyrul had also been a watcher.  Surely they would have met, or heard of one another, or could identify one another with some sort of secret sign or something!  His gut was telling him something wasn’t quite right about Nyrul and Inun and Bane’s word would go a long way to alleviating his worries.

  33. graphalfkor says:

    Eldanar nodded, wordlressly gesturing for an old crone to fetch him some flasks. When she brought it forth, he selectively picked various vials and flasks. The cleric placed six flasks, and four vials: “these six here are potions of rapid healing. Drink one of them, and when you are hurt the hidden power of the liquid will awaken inside of you and repair your bodies injuries from within’ his eyes became serious ‘whatever you do, do not allow these to fall into the hands of wizards or other priests. Their secret art is a recipe thats been in my family for generations’
    ‘Here, a potion of invisibility. A Nyriddian fur trader just swapped it with me for some fox fur rugs for my villa. Spare me your coin, your aid of my friend Jorrell is sufficient payment. Beside, I promised your crafty mother I lwould end you what aid I could”
    Back at the Sundered Sword Inn, Inun and Nyrul surveyed the commonroom with accute eyes, even pretending not to see those they were truly watching carefully. The commonroom was filled with the usual lot, and none seemed out of place or suspicious. Morga was seated at a table near the hearth, unbothered by the heat it effected. She was counting coins and filling leather drawstring pouches. Two members of the Inn staff were dragging out the body of a dead pair of sailors next to her table, their heads bludgeoned and throats cut. Morga gave Inun a speculative look, smiling in a slightly sarcastic manner ‘well our sneak has returned from his adventures, and brought some companions as well I see’ she resumed counting ‘454, damn it Lord Dreygar you shorted me by ten gold’ she hissed, pocketing her monies ‘come and drink with your friend, and introduce your new ones’
    “Inun of Tunis” the girl offered.
    “Morga of the north” she turned her eyes back to you, “remember what our mistress said about outsiders. Do you vouch for these two?” she looked to you directly, “clear it with Kyrillia first.”
    Inun: “there’s no need, brother of mine. The Harkonian woman we met two hours ago, and she approves of us. Though she wishes to see the fruits of our exertions alongside you and Morga. Something I’m certain you will both see fairly soon, I pray”
    Morga: “Four is better than two, but I do not suffer those who cannot keep pace, or can follow our lead. And you and your mate there will do exactly as we bade, no questions asked. Then, and only then will you have gained the trust of Morga, a finer treasure you shant find in these parts”
    Inun nodded, ‘you’ll hear no argument from us, aye brother?”
    Nyrul: “sounds simple enough, and we’re anything but slow Morga. That you will soon come to discover”
    Morga: “Splendid. When we are finished with our work in Lor, Kyrillia will have us move to our new home on Sograth isle. The laborer’s there are still finishing up the terms of their contracts. By months end, it will be inhabitable. Whisper, you’ll need to set asside monies to pool for our security forces at the keep. All of us will tithe 10% of our individual earnings each month for the costs of staff, servants, and guards. Lord Dreygar has volunteered two groups of his veteran guard, and Storm two more to maintain security while the laborer’s work on the construction project. Some brigands were using it as their base of operations since we left it abandoned, but nothing to be concerned about. Storm has offered us lodgings on the outskirts of Lor, his own country cottage villa. It will be..romantic, no?” she smiled devilishly towards you.

  34. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    “Given what was going on at the black temple a few hours up river it is possible that this grouping of foes is also at work in Lor scouring for children with certain birth marks.”  Whisper observed as he had a closer look at some unlabeled potions the color of sunlight in a rack near a small window of the shoppe.  “I will see to it that we stop at the orphanage my friend, it ties in with the task given to me by Lady Kyrillia”  Whisper returned his focus to the cleric and his family members, “Since I will be setting out before I would even figure out how to begin brewing up any potions I have a hundred platinum on me and a sizable marker with Lady Kyrillia.  I’ll need a few healing potions for myself and my family here along with a few potions of invisibility.”  Whisper hoped for a safe place to discuss things with his family and to get some rest.  Perhaps when their business concluded with Eldanar they would head back to the Sundered Sword Inn.

  35. graphalfkor says:

    Eldanar patted you on the shoulder, “aye, though treachery goaded you into action there is honor in the thoughts behind them. You stuck to your character lad, don’t forget that. Who could have guessed the treachery that was woven?” the cleric stroked his chin in contemplation to your request, ‘at least you now carry Septul, keep it close it is a powerful relic. More than you could comprehend. Now, you truly are the most capable thief you can find out anything and everything at any time, including how to make these potions that I offer’ he chuckled in a self deprecating way, then nodded ‘there is always work for the God of light and knowledge to undertake, the load is heavy and exhausting. A friend of mine who works as a teacher in the orphanage just outside Lor wrote me recently, a monk named Jorrell Koth. He’s been having some strange visits of late by city guard, who were inspecting some of the orphans under his watch. Pay him a visit and see what you can do to assist him”

  36. Whisper says:

    (-1 CON all other wounds healed)
    Whisper smiled at the backs of the city watchmen as they left the shoppe and shook his head with a chuckle.  “That fella probably doesn’t realize the headaches you saved him from my friend.”  Turning around with the smile slowly vanishing from his face he continued, “I trust the rare sapphire orchids arrived?  Too bad all the effort and the loss of a companion in retrieving those flowers was for nothing since it turns out that the real Lord Dreygar was never poisoned.  What will you do with the rare flowers?”  Noting the deadpan look on the cleric’s face he guessed that asking for the rare and potent potion was likely costlier than what his employer owed him.  ” Anyways, I will be heading to the city of Lor shortly at the behest of Lady Kyrillia to ‘inquire about’ Lord Kraybor’s plans and allies there.  Since I believe it to be the home of your order my friend, is there anything you would have me do for you or your order while there?  I’m also in need of a few potions before I head out…”  Whisper silently questioned Septul about her relationship with her order and how closely he should guard their partnership?
    OC: he’d probably like to restock the potion rack of Cerranis – potion of armor, invis, escape, and a few more healing potions(I think he has 1 advanced healing potion and 1 regular healing potion left).  Of course if there is a more useful potion available feel free to substitue.

  37. graphalfkor says:

    Your inventory was returned to you, and you took a pair of exquisite throwing daggers off of Alcar’s body.
    Nyrul nodded, ‘don’t worry too much about him, I was going to kill him but decided you might wish to do that yourself’ the three of you made it to Eldanar’s quaint shoppe. The cleric was there, mashing various ingredients together. Two city watchmen were talking to him. One was asking him ‘make me one of your love potions, priest. I needs to find me a wife that can cook and clean, and fuck. None of these princessy types of vixens’
    ‘Every woman in the realm wants to be queen Everanteska’ Eldanar shot back, ‘even the ugly ones, especially the ugly ones. Now if you’ll excuse me here comes a customer of mine who pays in solid coin, not promises of cutting the fingers off of thieves who stole coppers from me!’ the cleric greeted you with a curt knod, beckoning you inside his shoppe where there was some sitting space. 
    Nyrul smiled, ‘he was the one who guided us to you. Your mother told us to seek him out. And to answer your question yes, we’ve a considerable deal of fresh intelligence to share. We would have come sooner, but we were quite busy in killing spies and other killers out of Jez’zur. I don’t think your enemies can afford to hire any more. Word spreads quickly as they often times do. I used one of aunties devious tricks: charmed a brother and sister team of killers and convinced them to turn on their employers. By this time next week, your fellow bastards who plotted to off you will be dead, dead, dead’

  38. Whisper says:

    OC: What if any equipment beyond a few daggers does the PC have?  Most importantly does he have the amulet back??!?? :)  Does the PC know any of these people’s names or character background?
    “Nyrul, the elf you have or had in your bag there is the one and only Alcar Ablefingers.  He’s got a grudge against myself, our family, and is wanted by the elven empire and any number of kingdoms.  Its good that you didn’t kill him, we need the knowledge contained in his head.”  Looking about he motions for the pair to follow him and leave the alley, he takes the lead and heads to Edanar’s shoppe.  “I’ve been busy here in Southern Cross as I imagine you two were elsewhere.  I also assume that you’ve gathered bits of news and rumors while you have been here about what I have been up to and whom I’ve worked to create alliances with.  Mother’s ally Edanar is here and that is where we are headed.  As trustful as a Lorian might be, I have need of a few potions.”

  39. graphalfkor says:

    Nyrul chuckled, touching the elf on his neck ‘just a stale fart shy of having died, guess I’m slipping’ he bound the elf’s hands behind his back and somehow stuffed the Elf into a bag that seemed to devour Alcar’s body entirely. Nyrul ‘a more convenient method, heh heh’  he hunched down and retrieved a few items of yours, handing them to you. In a blinding flash, Nyrul poised one of your own daggers against your chin ‘never, ever let down your guard my cousin! Our house requires rebuilding, your mother needs you to remain sharp and ever at the ready! This pathetic worm got the better of you, because you thought you got the better of this Lord Thrag. You need to think ten steps ahead!’ he withdrew the dagger and flipped it, then with a skilled toss inserted it into its scabbard at your belt, ‘That’s Inun, your half sister. Course, she also happens to be sired by a Lord of stature who wants her dead simply to avoid any public scandal. Pity he decided rather foolishly to try and kill a killer’
    Inun smiled at you briefly, then came up to you and embraced you with a warm hug, ‘Let’s move then, while Lord Thrag’s inept guards decide to grow a pair and come against us’
    Escape was simply walking out the front door. Inun stabbed the stunned guardsman at the door in the neck with a dagger and dragged his body into the interior of the tower, depositing him into a side room. Nyrul shot a second guard in the left eye with a light crossbow.
    “I must say, Lord Thrag’s goons seem to be a sorry lot of drunkards and derelicts I’ve ever seen’ Nyrul commented, ‘Almost seems insulting to try and escape, heh heh’
    The three of you slipped into the bustling streets of Southern Cross and melded seamlessly with the foot traffic as a attache of guards came storming out of Lord Thrag’s gardens and were excitedly surveying the crowd for any suspicious individuals. ‘Lord Thrag’s been assassinated!” one guardsman cried out in frustration. ‘Good riddance!’ someone in the crowd cheered, and the mob of people outside the front gate laughed in response.
    You and your cousin/sister step into a side alley for a spell, Nyrul said ‘fortunate smiled upon you, if we hadn’t come along as we had that Elf might have flayed your skin off of you, and your mother would mine’ 
    Inun: “your mother is over protective of you, Whisper. One of us would have sufficed, she sends two instead. A bit overkill for a babysitting mission. We’re not nannies you know. Our resources are stretched thin as it is, and there’s a Jez’zurian highlord’s inheritance for you to get your paws on without any fellow greedy bastards claiming to be your fathers brats. We took out the ones who vaguely resembled him, the others were sufficiently hideous to be mistook for your siblings. You’re the last who wears your fathers face’

  40. Whisper says:

    Whisper wondered if the male of this pair was the cousin his mother’s letter had mentioned, Nyrul was supposedly his name.  A quick check to be sure was needed as he agiley gained his feet, “I take it your cousin Nigel mother wrote me about?  Thanks to you both for getting me out of this jam, I hope you didn’t kill Alcar there outright.  I owe him a sizable debt of pain.  Might I collect my things?  I would guess that asshole I killed wasn’t the real Lord Thrag?  Was it miss?”  He asked of the captive woman who was still seated in the chair.

  41. graphalfkor says:

    YOU SAW THE LIVING THINGS IN THE CHAMBER BEYOND THE DOOR limned in bright yellow auras. Beside a few stray rats for company, there were no other hidden persons in the chamber.
    You crept stealthily crept into the chamber without sound, entirely invisible nothing more than a spectre, a draft that stole into the room. The shortsword silently withdrew from its scabbard, you pinned him to the floor with your boot and stabbed him in the back with your shortsword (-28 hp dmg) and he died. A red crimson light surrounded the lifeless body but he thwarted the amulet’s power. Then, something struck you hard at the base of your neck. You immediately pass out from the heavy blow.
    When you opened your eyes, you were hanging suspended on the wooden X block. Your weapons and gear were stripped off of your body, as well as Septul. In the shadows you spied a black hooded figure, who removed his hood to reveal the familiar elven face of Alcar. He eyed you coldly for a moment, a smug triumphant grin on his face. Then, he hurled a dagger just a hairs breath shy of your royal jewels with such precision it seemed entirely unnatural. The dagger then flew back into his awaiting hand ‘just making certain you’re ‘awake’ m’lord’ he laughed sardonically, grinning at his own words.
    He dragged the woman who had been in your place just a few moments ago out of the shadows and forced her to sit down on a wooden chair, ‘sit, whore. Sit and watch’ Alcar commanded. The Elf leveled his cold eyes upon you, ‘you’ve caused quite a trouble for me, little fool, and for my masters. This ends tonight’ he came up to you closely, ‘you had Septul all this time, and didn’t even have a damned idea of what you were carrying!’ he laughed, ‘unbelievable. Now, don’t take this personally its purely business. It just so happens to coincide with the fact that I required my revenge on you, lad. For all of your chaotic blunders in my affairs. This just about makes things right between us. Only, my revenge will be more satisfying. See, you have a sizable deathmark on your head, ironically placed by your own bastardly brothers and sisters who don’t want to see you living for much longer. With you out of their lives they’ll have first dibs on the inheritance you won’t be collecting, from the father you don’t even know is your own. You ought to feel flattered, they marked the price up to 5,000 from 2,500 after your stupid luck at the Ziggurat.  Lucky for me you had me taken away, for if I’d killed you then you’d be worth much less’
    Then, the Elf spat blood as a pair of blades pierced him in the back. A pair of hands clutching a garrotte wrapped around his neck, and you saw a pair of hooded beings in the shadowy darkness. Alcar’s face became beet red, and he fell to the floor lifeless. Out of the shadows emerged a pair of leather clad, black cloaked beings. One was a girl with short brown hair practically black in its dark color. The young mans hair was wavy and shoulder length, dirty blonde and both seemed to be relatively close in age as you if not a triffle younger. “Free him” the girl said to the him. Casually the hooded figure crept closer and slit the bindings that held you aloft. As you fell he easily caught you and lowered you to the ground, and the man moved your jaw so your face and eyes were easily seen, and he turned his eyes towards the girl ‘its him alright’ he said ‘well then, cousin. Good to finally meet you. I’d thought you’d been murdered by now, seems you inherited a scrap of your mothers wit, aye?”
    “And her looks” the girl chimned in, with a subtle flirtatiousness evident in her tone.

  42. Whisper says:

    (25+?* healing) (-1 CON)
    Whisper had heard about enough from the degenerate in the next room.  ‘Septul, can you aid me in seeing more of that room?  Is the bastard alone in there with the women?  We can’t afford to wait much longer before we strike this son of a bitch down for good!  A few heartbeats might be all we have!’  He questioned the amulet while melded into the shadows near the door.  Once he had better information he hoped to strike quickly in order to surprise the man and let Septul consume him…

  43. graphalfkor says:

    WHEN YOU GAINED THE TOP OF THE CISTERN HOLE, a black snake reached out of the black horrid filth and clamped its fangs into your calf pumping its venom load into your bloodstream (-1 point CON, -3 hp dmg)  with your off-hand dagger you sliced the black snake in half killing it in one clean, decisive blow.
    It was hardly a challenge clambering out of the pit, you stole into a narrow dungeon corridor and down a slight sloped hall into another tunnel. The walls were fitted with iron sconces filled with torches that provided ample shadows for you to hide yourself in. The sounds of horrid wailing, women and men groaning, and indecipherable noises began filling your ears. You were now passing cells filled with women whose spirits were broken, some looked old and haggard and others youthful and innocent. The room at the end of the passage beckoned, you could see the door was slightly ajar.
    Past the door you beheld a woman in an X-shaped wooden rack suspended by her wrist and leg holdings embedded into the surface of the rack. She wore a horrified expression, like one forced to witnesses unspeakable horror. There, on the ground was the corpse of a pale faced woman and a man hunched over it pleasuring himself, he spoke to the woman bound on the rack ‘your sister’s a bit cold now, but I imagine if she were alive she’d scream like a filthy bitch don’t cha think my love? They do get so cold so fast. I meant to kill her during not before. There’s so much beauty when a woman is dying while being properly fucked. Think when I’m spent I’ll have to give you over to my men, hope you don’t mind I’m a bit worn out heh heh’

  44. Whisper says:

    Whisper didn’t want to guess what sort of foulness was pouring forth into the pit.  He quickly moved to the south wall and tried to leap upwards to gain a hand hold on the slippery hole spewing sludge to aid him in climbing out of the trap.  ‘When we find Thrag we shall have our answer Septul!’  He responded mentally to Septul’s observation.

  45. graphalfkor says:

    The beautiful bedslave kissed you longingly, the glimmer of hope surging in her mesmerizing eyes ‘be careful, Thrag is a treacherous demon. Don’t underestimate how dangerous he is! He does…wicked things. Violating corpses of women, and he has a love for flaying people alive. He is mad and sadistic in every sense. Have a care if you come across a guard named Rillik, he was kind to me even at risk of his own life’
    She quaffed the potion and became invisible. Both of you left, and the guards you noted with your spectral vision awareness were on the roof, or outside combing the area for you.
    You were nothing more than a faint shadow that crept along the smooth stone walls, crept soundlessly down a curved flight of stairs. The seventh step pressed down and the stairs became a slide. You slid and fell through a trapdoor awaiting you at the base of the stairs your dexterity failing you this time. The floor contained jagged spikes, one snagged your arm (-4 hp dmg) and out of four holes in the wall (each in the center of wall in every direction) came spewing forth liquified excrement. Within seconds, the horrid filth was up to your ankles. You noted several skeletal remains of past victims who died here, their bones still intact.
    SEPTUL: someone must have spilled the beans about your intrusion here, question is who could have known beside you, Ash, Kyrillia? Maybe someones watching you…

    Out of the pouring sludge in the north wall, a large black scaled snake flowed out of the shit stream, and gave an audible hiss.

  46. Whisper says:

    Whisper placed the hollow black dagger and the potion of invisibility into the gorgeous woman’s hands.  In the dim light from the cracked door to the closet he could see all of her, and what a sight it was indeed!  The silk shift she had thrown about her form did nothing to hide the generous gifts Sundessa had given to her.  He briefly cursed Ash for giving him this fate!  Whisper forcefully brought his focus back to the dangers at hand and he replaced the mouthpiece over his mouth and quietly but firmly explained how dangerous this task had quickly become.  “Thrag will now kill the both of us, your favored status will do nothing to keep you alive.  The potion is invisibility, should you about to be discovered drink it and make your way from the tower to the Sundered Sword Inn.  Speak to Lady Kyrillia, tell her what you know of Thrag and tell her that Whisper sent you to her.  She will see to his end if I can not.”  Whisper pressed his forehead against the woman’s for a moment and held her close feeling her form perfectly melt into his boby.  “I will end Thrag.”  He whispered before leaving the closet to begin his hunt.  He promised Septul the chance to feast on the lives of Thrag and his men.  He thought it would quickly demoralize Thrag’s hired drunks when they found only their cohorts belongings and no bodies…

  47. graphalfkor says:

    Though the bed slave drank the potion, she grabbed your wrist and whisked you along. Whisper’s body became light as paper, and your flesh was now misty vapors. As one the guards swung and hacked at you and the bedslave, cursing and tripping over eachother. You sensed the slave girl guiding you down the steps of the tower. She navigated speedily bypassing several guard patrols until you both found materialized inside of a servants utility closet.
    bedslave: ‘You have to kill Lord Thrag. If you don’t, he’ll be a enemy you’ll regret not finishing off. I can’t rightly leave this hellish place knowing those doomed girls are imprisoned in his foul dungeon. Please, if you do you can have me’
    Septul: the girls in Thrag’s dungeon are mostly farmers daughters sold into slavery to cover their bad harvests, some craftsmens and artisans daughters too given to Lord Thrag to cut their massive debts. If you kill Thrag, these blueblooded rabble will be indebted to you considerably. In fact, you will own their debt.

  48. Whisper says:

    Whisper flipped the potion of escape to the beautiful woman who had just about had him uttering prayers and offers to convert to Sundessa’s worship mere moments before.  The young man was helpless to alter the smile and extra spring in his step.  The surge of endorphins from bedding the gorgeous woman and now the thrill of battle was invigorating!  “How exactly would Thrag go about fucking me into the ground when the man has the pecker of a toddler?”  Whisper asked of the second guard as he stepped under a clumsy swing, hoping to keep the men busy only as long as it took the woman to make good her escape then he would see about saving his own ass…

  49. graphalfkor says:

    Suddenly, the brunette maiden perked up, a secret hope and a eager gleam momentarily shined in her gleaming gray eyes. ‘Kattra, leave us’
    The black panther gave one last snarl, then its sleek form rose up and its features melted, morphing into the likeness of a naked black haired young girl who smiled at you mischieviously, then headed out the door casually.
    “Well then, you’re handsome enough now lets see some action!’ she bade you to her with a commanding tone, slapping you across the face suddenly ‘you little bastard’ she said chidingly, ‘ravage me, young fool. A scoundrel with the teremity to steal into Lord Thrag’s tower without care deserves his audacity get properly rewarded’ the woman was like a succulent banquet of flesh, which was soft and smooth, only a subtle tinge of perfume and sweat escaped it. (con: failure) you couldn’t last with the fury of this hellcat. Though the second time around after she fed you grapes and cold wine was more to her pleasure, and yours.
    In burst forth six guards ‘there he is, bottle of brandy to the man who takes his head off!’
    All six furiously sought to tackle you to the floor, which you effortlessly outmanuevered. The last guard punched you hard in the stomach (-2 hp) with a gauntlet fist.
    You eviscerate guard #1 with your shortsword, your dagger came down and plunged into the guardsman killing him as the point pierced his shoulder. The other men surrounded you, and the fifth one blurted out ‘surround him! you might as well give up friend there’s no escape. We have the roof covered, and there’s more guards on the way all we need is keep you company heh heh…what Lord Thrag’s going to do to you boy, you just made his little love list’
    guard #2 smiled ‘oh I imagine he’s going to fuck you into the ground lad, then feed you to his pigs. Not an enviable fate tis it? Being pigshit’

  50. Whisper says:

    Whisper put away his short sword slowly with exaggerated movements as he kept his hands visible to the couple hundred pounds of muscle and claw sizing him up as if he were nothing more then a tiny mouse.  “Sundessa, goddess of Love has…” came out of the mouthpiece as a faint whisper.  The rogue rolled his eyes at being inconvenienced with the apparatus and pulled the mask below his mouth and let it rest about his neck.  “Sundessa, the goddess of Love herself has taken an interest in your imprisonment my lady.  She has tasked one of her faithful with setting her beautiful dove free of its cage.”

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