Journey to Nyr

Zakara awoke with a sudden fright, his hand rested on the hilt of his sword. He was in a long stretch of mountainous tunnel. This was the highway that cut straight through the Ashblood mountains between Nyr, and Nyriddia. Legend speaks of a powerful wizard that made this passageway aeons ago before the first blight, when the world was beset by the ire of the God named Wrath, Lord of Swords. At long last you finally saw a bit of daylight far ahead. Running towards it, you emerge out of the long tunnel at long last.

You see a road that winds through a lush, emerald green realm drastically unlike anything you’ve ever quite seen before. The exact opposite of the harsh, inhospitable climate of Nyriddia. This was a land of beautiful pastures, charming towns, bustling city-states, and sun drenched vineyards, farmlands, and orchards.

Ahead, alongside the road is a small encampment where several men stood. They were dressed in robes, unarmored and a few of them had either a dagger or a metallic rod. A parked caged wagon was full of chickens, tethered to two work horses. The smell of bacon, coffee intermingled with horse manure stabbed at your noses. When you drew closer, the first of the men thin and gaunt faced stood up and told the others: “Wait here, I’ll go fetch some water after I take a huge shit. That bottle of Elsmyrian brandy has my name on it”

What do you do?



  1. graphalfkor says:

    BOOKS: Whisper notices 6 books on the mantle:
    #1: an Elven bible of Hanali Celanil, Fey Elf Goddess of Love.
    #2: a diary
    #3: a book entitled ‘construction projects for your male slaves’
    #4: a recipe book
    #5: a book of love poetry
    #6: a sketchbook, contains many drawings of men of different builds most young and comely.
    There was a silver skeleton key used as a placeholder inside the Elven bible
    When Whisper was perusing the books, a little disturbance within the chimney shaft and a little bit of dust fell down upon a pile of chared blocks of cherrywood.
    Morga: “This bed would be better suited inside our stronghold” she commented, “A pity it’s too cumbersome to take with us”

    Valtor (to Whisper) “There was a disturbance from within this chimney shaft”

    Kessa says to Tharn “We will proceed once we’ve cleared this room, don’t want any hidden enemies at our backs”

  2. Well no one said that training a dire wolf would be easy. We will continue to try a little each day, but as long as he is my companion that is ok.
    Tired after a long day, Zakara and the cub go to sleep. In his sleep, he has a dream in which Lady Kyrillia appears before him. She appears amused that her favorite lover is now dead. She says that she has another mission, which if completed successfully, will mean Zakara has his freedom.
    There is a group of men in the tower that are plotting against the throne. All I have to do is to get them to join me in a plot against the throne.
    In the morning Zakara breaks camp and heads towards Wyrmwatch tower.

  3. graphalfkor says:

    You move your camp to a better site, and begin training the cub.
    Dire wolf cub: the wolf cub learns to come to you, but that is all, and that in itself consumed three hours of frustrating teaching. Anything more complex will be a labor of love you realize, and will take more lengthy dedication. It does learn to sit on its own however, as you force it to sit it does so and it seems that it stuck.
    You realize you are extremely tired, and doze off into a deep sleep. Before you did, you laid a few snares that would alert you if anybody tried to approach your camp.
    You fall into a blissful dream of naked, dancing maidens of rare exquisite beauty, they frolick and dance at your pleasure. You’re seated on a throne crafted out of sixty swords of different make, this is the throne of blades whom only the rightful heir can be seated on. 
     Then, the beautiful image of Kyrillia appeared before you. She smiled at you in a different way, laughing at times for no reason as if a private joke played in her mind. “So, you thwarted my assassin. He was one of my favorite lovers, but no matter. You sent him to the abyss prematurely. He was of little consequence. Things have…changed my slave. You’re no longer required to venture to Caer Conig. Instead, I’ve a special assignment which you will carry out to the letter, once that’s done you will have earned your freedom. 

    There is a group of traitorous agents at Wrymwatch tower, plotting against her majesty. They are careful to mask their intentions. I want for you to destroy them all, but not by the might of your blade. You see, they took an oath never to betray or plot against her majesty, on pain of death. I laid a geas upon them each to ensure this is a promise they could not break lightly. If you get them to go along with a false plot to overthrow the throne, they will surely die. If you perform this simple task to my satisfaction you will be rewarded with gold, food, new weapons and many slaves”

  4. Zakara stays on his guard while the patrol is around. They seem friendly enough, but so too did the peasant couple with the zombie girl, and Lady Kyrillia seemed nice enough. They tell him that it might be safer at the tower, especially with the festival going on.
    The leader also mentions that their commander is looking for a tracker, if Zakara is interested.
    Zakara says that he may stay here for another day, and then head to the tower. Employment is always a good thing. I will see you in a day or two at the keep
    The patrol mounts up and they say that they will see him at the keep.
    Zakara goes about watching the patrol leave and follows them for a bit, just to make sure that they really left. Returning to camp he spends some time in training the cub. He works on basic commands using voice arm, and whistled commands. He teaches sit, stay, fetch, silence, guard. The cub is a quick learner. Eventually he will be taught to track, attack, and to kill. He will learn to hunt for his own food also.
    After some training, a shared meal, tending to wounds again, they prepare for bed. They make a warm fire,, but move their bedding to a different location from where it was when the patrol was there. Also they moved far enough away so they are not in the shadows of the fire.
    (OOC: sometime around Wed of this week I will be off of the air for a few days at least. My computer and I pad are both getting worked on, so I won’t have access to the story until they are fixed.)

  5. graphalfkor says:

    A mounted patrol of 12 soldiers stumbles across your camp. They seem friendly and one dismounts then walks up to you, “Greetings, traveler. We noticed your camp from afar. You ought get yourself to Wrymwatch, its the tower over there yonder. The spring solstice moon festival is taking place, so there’s some revelry at the keep, if you’re looking for good cheer. Say, you’re a Nyriddian aren’t you? You’re a long way from home. You know, commander Wilts is looking for a decent tracker if you’re seeking honest work.”

  6. With the assassin running at Zakara, he quickly grabbed his glaive and throws it. He strikes the man in the leg, catches the glaive and just as quickly throws it again, hitting the man in the arm. Zakara has been hit in the elbow twice, and the leg by thrown daggers. Zakara now has to fight the pain, as he draws his sword and blocks his opponents attack.
    The man starts talking during the fight. He says that Zakara has fought off the mans drow sleep poison. Must be on the daggers. Then he says that he is well paid for his services, and that he was employed by Kyrillia herself. Zakara is shocked when he heard that. The man feints, you block, then deliver a mighty chop to his chest, dropping him for the last time.
    Zakara stands there gasping for breath from pain, and the shock of what the man said. What reason would Lady Kyrillia have for coming after me? The cub now comes and stands by Zakara’s side, rubbing his head on his leg. Zakara reaches down and pats his head.
    Zakara goes and examines the man and his possessions. He finds a letter in a language unknown to him. He will have to find someone to translate it. He finds some superb studded leather which should fit quite nicely. There are several throwing daggers. Zakara has used throwing daggers a little, so now that he has some he will have to spend some time practicing so he can hit what he throws at. Lastly he finds some nice boots with extendible blades in the toes, and secret blades in the heels. Zakara puts his new boots and armor on to try them out. He gathers the daggers and puts them in the pack for now.
    Zakara needs a quite place to sit and think for awhile to figure out his next move. He needs time to practice with the daggers, and he needs to start basic training with the cub. He can still see the tower in the distance, but at the moment he decides to find a nice, quiet place to camp for a few days in solitude. Then he might go to the tower and check it out. So Zakara and the cub climb on the horse and head back to some wooden area to camp, and tend to wounds.

  7. graphalfkor says:

    Zakara’s glaive viciously cut across the hooded attacker’s left leg (-13 hp dmg) then it returned to his awaiting hand. Fortune was on the young barbarian’s side as the swordsman tripped in a puddle of mud. You grabbed the attack of opportunity and threw the glaive a second time, it tore across the mans arm (-9 hp dmg) and he smiled at you, ‘oh your good, you’re real good!’  he took two daggers and sent them flying at you with masterful precision, the first plunged hilt deep into your elbow, hilt deep (-6 hp dmg).
    The swordsman laughed, examining the wound as if amused by it. He said “Isn’t it perfectly ironic? The very person who sent you on this fools mission wishes you dead. Lady luck is a fickle cunt, isn’t she?” he laughed again, mockingly. “Yes, you brainless barbarian buffoon Kyrillia hired me to dispose of you, and my talent’s do not come cheap!’ you threw your glaive then missed, He threw two daggers that tore into your leg and elbow (-8 hp dmg) and he smiled a lopsided grin, then a moment later he looked stunned ‘how on earth did you resist my drow sleep poison? Propostrous. No matter, my blade will be your ending” he comes in with a low feint, which you checked with your glaive in hand. You yank your longsword out and viciously deal a serious blow against your attacker (-12 hp dmg), he swung and missed then you leaped at him and chopped across his chest with a devastating blow, dropping him to the ground (-15 hp dmg).
    “Heh heh heh curse you, northerner. Well done, may you wreathe in the higher hells” with that, he died.
    What do you do?
    As you look down at the man you noticed he had a letter in the folds of his tunic, but you cannot understand the words. He also had quite a few nice things: superb looking studded leather, several nicely balanced throwing daggers, and a pair of boots with extensible blades in the tips. When you depress your heel tightly a secret trigger shoots the blade out of a slit in the heel.

  8. Zakara mounts his steed and is soon proceeding at a very fast pace. The wolf seems content in the pack. Zakara ponders his meeting with Celestria trying to figure out just who and what she is. He finally decides that it really doesn’t matter much, as long as she isn’t an enemy. Am I really different than other men, or just take action when action is needed?
    Soon a storm appears out of nowhere. He is going past olive orchards and vineyards, as far as the eye can see. Soon he approaches a long, winding river going to the east. In the distance a tower can be seen. Before you reach the tower the rain finally stops. The cub now sticks his head out now that it isn’t raining. The road make a sharp bend, and you see a hooded man tossing a dagger around. He has a sword on his side. The cub lets out a low growl and you quickly hush the animal. You slowly approach the man and stop a distance away.
    He says, “well stranger, you finally arrived. It seems someone wants your head, and Marsid is here to do just that.” He draws his bastard sword and run at a very fast pace toward Zakara.
    Zakara quickly jumps from the saddle. In one smooth motion he grabs his glaive and throws it and the man running at him. He then draws his sword and prepares for battle. The fight is one.

  9. graphalfkor says:

    Celestria nodded, ‘Zakara, you were most lucky indeed you haven’t succumbed to this strange pairs treachery. Yes the cleric is not all that formidable in power, but what he lacks in power he makes up for in cunning. A wily fox I’ve yet to capture. The secret weapon you overheard these black cloaks is a dwarf contraption. I saw them trying to sneak it to their hidden base. It is a siege weapon of some sort, those large crossbows men mount on castle walls” she stopped you before you were about to leave, then said ‘You are…different somehow I sense, not like common mortals. Intriguing, whatever you may be. Farewell!” with that she transformed herself into a sparrow and flew away.

    As Zakara rode like a bat out of hell, pushing the phantom steed to reaching its maximum speed you covered much ground and then you noticed the terrain was a little different. More hilly, hills crowned with lush trees, and you saw olive orchards and vineyards as far as your eyes could stretch. Then a heavy storm abruptly took form and heavy rain fell from the sky. It seemed all of a sudden, like an evil will conjured this weather.

    You came upon a winding, long river that stretched east as far as your eye could see where you spotted a tower far along the horizon. Braving the raging storm, you skirt along the bank of the river when the rain finally stopped. Your road took you around a bend where you saw a cloaked, hooded man leaning against a pile of jagged rocks, twirling a dagger in his left hand out of boredom. You couldn’t make out his facial features too well, but you did notice he had a bastard sword sheathed at his belt, and a very long dirk opposite the blade. In a cocky voice he called out ‘Well then, stranger, somebodies put a substantial reward for your head. Pray to any Gods you call upon, tell them that Marsid sends his regards” he drew forth his bastard sword, and pointing it straight towards you began charging running incredibly fast.

    What do you do?

  10. I will answer your question. I encountered a couple with a zombie girl. They have apparently attacked travelers for years, killing then eating them. The last one alive told me of this place, so I investigated. I saw the Snow White wolf, then the woman getting raped. The men mentioned something about a rare weapon, so I didn’t think they needed it.
    Then the woman touched him and healed his leg wound. Then she gave him the Snow White wolf cub. She told him to take care of and to train it as it aged. Zakara gently takes the cub, and gives his head a rub. Then he pulls a small portion of food from his pack and feeds the cub.
    I am pleased to make your aquaintance Celestria. I am pleased that this “man” isn’t all that mighty, but I fear that he is a plague that will need to be exterminated at some time.
    For now I fear that I must leave you to your woods and it’s problems. I am enroute to Caer Conig, where I am to meet someone. However, if you are in need of help, and I can be located, call for me. My name is Zakara, and I am in your debt.
    Zakara places the cub in his pack and turns to depart the area.

  11. graphalfkor says:

    The white wolf cub was alive, and the girl produced her out of a
    leather bag that she wore. Her hair was dark brown and her eyes coffee
    colored, she looked natural and pure. She hands you the cub, then
    touched your shoulder and the biting pain from the crossbow wound
    disappeared (+8 hp restored).

    The young woman smiled, ‘I
    might ask you the same exact question as to why you are here, Nyriddian. The wolfen
    woods are my domain, I’m Celestria Aruntari. I saw you drinking
    by the stream where this cub was, and it told me that you were its pack
    leader now. Care for it, warrior, and train it properly when it grows
    older. I’m pleased you avenged this slain village girl’s senseless
    death, the loss of life was both senseless and cruel. I’ve been hunting
    and battling the evil infestation which has taken hold of my sacred
    woods. A foul cleric lurks here, his power is not so mighty. I could
    crush him if he dared to show his face, however I am to remain neutral
    in these matters. Evil is permitted to coexist, it is the way of the
    balance. Oh but if his power were to grow, then he would be too powerful
    a force of evil to be permitted to exist. My hand would then be forced
    to strike” she knelt down and examined one of the fallen soldiers,
    ‘These are renegade black cloaks, they abandoned their posts to partake
    in some other activity. You see this here?” she grabs a vial and hands
    it to you ‘They drink a special elixir that dulls their emotions,
    removes their fear and doubts, increases strength but diminishes a man’s
    virility and appetite. It’s what makes them more deadly than ordinary
    men at arms”

  12. Zakara is still feeling the battle adrenaline running thru his veins, as he feels the effects of the powder stinging his eyes. He hears a bear attacking the last enemy.
    Then he feels a cool hand guide him to a log. A woman’s voice tells him to hold still, and he feels a heat course thru him. His eyesight slowly returns and he sees a young looking woman wearing robes, with a huge kodak bear beside her.
    Zakara says, “I thank you for your help. My name is Zakara. May I ask what you are doing here, as I understand this isn’t the friendliest of places?”
    Zakara then starts to feel the pain in his leg from the crossbow bolt. It doesn’t seem to be in to deep, so he takes both hands, takes a deep breath and tugs on the bolt. It pulls out with a pop. After the dizziness and burst of pain, Zakara goes about the business of binding his wound. After that he takes his glaive and cleans it of blood and gore.
    He then continues to talk with the young woman. He asks her if she passed the body of the dire wolf with the Snow White cub. If so, was the cub still alive?

  13. graphalfkor says:

    Zaraka hid himself well, the soldiers were entirely oblivious to your presence. Most city dwellers weren’t adept to the wilderness, and lacked even the most basic stealth.
    Then, one of the guardsmen tarried behind the rest of the unit, who appeared to be dispersing. The straggler was breaking camp, clearing signs of their presence, and the other men were busy hacking the dead prostitute into small pieces. You came out from behind a tree, and giving your new glaive a throw the weapon flew out and slashed across the unweary soldier’s neck *critical* who fell to his knees, the blood drained out of him. He fell face forward to the ground.
    The other soldiers were alerted to your presence. Two dropped to a knee and took aim with their crossbows, the third drew steel and charged at you.
    As the whirring bladed boomerang returned to your grasp you sent it at the charging skirmisher, the glaive tore his legs out from the ankle down and he collapsed, screaming in agony *critical, -15 hp dmg* one missile flew wide over your shoulder, a second struck you in the leg (-4 hp) “That man was a friend of mine, asshole!’ the crossbowman roared angrily. When the glaive came home, you snatched it out of thin air and spun, sending it at the crossbowman who shot you. The glaive whirred and cut the the soldier down, tearing his neck wide open just as the first you slaughtered.
    The last soldier, clearly demoralized by the effectiveness of your glaive throwing skills was busy reloading his crossbow. The weapon seemed to jam, and he tossed it hard against a tree in anger. He then came at you, dodged your glaive, dove forward in a roll and struck you with his longsword (-2 hp dmg). The soldier grinned, ‘So, we got ourselves a real hero here, eh? Where you from, country bumpkin? You’ve the look of a Nyriddian, no matter. Now your filthy little ice realm is under imperial rule! Hahahah’
    Circling and sizing each other up, the guard was strangely fearless, almost as if he didn’t feel anything at all. He swung at you and leaped away to avoid your swords reach. You both closed in on each other and locked swords, he checked one of your blows and you his, then you struck him hard in the face and kicked him straight back until he fell backward and struck his head against a low hanging branch. His helm came flying off of his head, and he sneered at you then tossed white powder at your face. The powder entered your eyes and stung greatly, blinding you. 
    A moment later, the sound of a grizzly bear could be heard. The man snarled defiantly and you could hear the bear tearing him to pieces and you felt warm blood splatter over you. 
    Only seconds later, and you felt a cool hand guide you to sit on a log. ‘Hold still, warrior’ and then you felt heat course through your body as your eyesight was restored. There was a woman before you, petite and young looking. She was wearing simple robes and next to her was a huge kodiak bear, large enough that one of its paws could tear an ogre’s face clean off in a single swipe.
    And what do you do?

  14. Smoke alerts Zakara to the presence of a camp occupied by 4 men clad in black armor. There is a rape of a woman taking place. They finish, she runs and they shoot her in the back with a crossbow bolt. Zakara decides that keeping his sword covered is going to have to wait for another time.
    He backs off from the camps, but close enough to keep them in view. He heard them mention that they have a secret weapon with them. Zakara now lies in wait to se what they will do. He will try to take out the men one at a time if possible. Crossbow men will be first if possible. He will save one for questioning, and info on this “secret weapon”. He will avenge this woman.
    If the men don’t leave the camp until the next day, he will attempt to sneak into the camp and do his killing quietly while they sleep.

  15. graphalfkor says:

    Zakara follows the tracks when he came upon a small encampment, the smoke alerting him at once. When he drew closer, he noted several broken twigs that were out of place, and fresh tracks made within the hour. You saw steam from a nearby tree and heard the sound of a man pissing there. There was some more commotion going on, and you saw the peeing man tie up his trousers and return to the encampment. There were four men, clad in black armor and one was having sex with a woman, who was screaming and moaning loudly. The other soldiers looked on with cold passiveness, like this was just as ordinary as urinating or eating food.
    The men began laughing as the same soldier began pissing on the woman he just pleasured himself with. The woman cried out in protest and began running when another soldier shot her down with a crossbow bolt to the back “Filthy whore” soldier #2 said.
    “Better hope you don’t get crabs from that worthless bitch” soldier #4 said with a lopsided grin.
    soldier #1 looked angry, ‘Why’d you have to go and kill her, you bloody wanker!? Balog would’ve put her on the altar”
    Soldier #3: “Ah bugger off, Balog only sacrifices virgins, bratty orphans and old farts. What’s his God going to want with a whore?”
    All the men laughed, ‘Good point!’’
    Soldier #4 said ‘Let’s finish our patrol then head back, doesn’t seem like there’s any fools worth capturing today” 
    Soldier #2: “Yeah, Balog’s being paranoid. There isn’t any Dwarves in the fucken middle of the Wolfen woods, there’s not even any bloody elves for that matter”
    Soldier #1: “He’s worried the Dwarven Empire’s going to send somebody after the secret weapon that he had us steal, I’d wager. Still, it was well worth it. The black empire is the stronger for it. For the glory of the imperium!’
    What do you do?

  16. Zakara approaches a woods and dismounts. Soon he spots boot prints (suggesting men in armor), kobolds, and wolf tracks. He follows the tracks for some distance. His instincts lead him to running water where he drinks from a creek. As he drinks he spots the body of a dead dire wolf out of the corner of his eye.
    As he germs closer he sees crossbow bolts in the wolf body. He spots what appears to be something white under the body. It is a cub with Snow White fur. He checks the cub, is it alive? If so he will take it with him and care for it. It could be a good companion and helper after it grows up.
    He leaves the cub there (if still alive) and follows the tracks a little further. He now knows that there is at least one other person near investigating this woods. He doesn’t want to be thought of as a friend of these people. So he proceeds slow and quiet.

  17. graphalfkor says:

    The old woman said “Northeast of here, hidden in a small copse of woods called the Wolfen woods. Most folk stray clear of it, since dire wolves dwell there. Balog usually has two bodyguards, fighters in black armor, but he has a small force of kobolds, nasty little critters, he has 15 of them to do his bidding” then you slit her throat, and she died. As she died, you heard a shrieking noise and something went out of her body. It looked like gas or something. You felt a cold, malevolent force in the basement then, but it disappeared quickly.
    As you left the sub-basement and the farmstead, you journeyed along and investigated. The phantom steed took you through what felt like endless stretches of corn fields, wheat fields, and vineyards when you spotted a small forest northeast of you. When you made it to the forest, you dismount and analyzed a few tracks. You saw a few bootprints of men, heavily inlaid to suggest they wore armor, a few kobolds, and wolf tracks as well.
    As you scouted deeper into the woods, something caught attention of your barbarian instincts. You heard running water nearby, and find a small creek that you drink from. Out of the corner of your eye you saw a dead direwolf along the bank of the stream, and beneath its body was a wolf cub, with snow white fur. The dead dire wolf has several crossbow bolts protruding out of its body. 

    What do you do??

  18. Tell me, where is the lair of this Balog? How many others are with him there? After getting this information, Zakara runs his blade across her throat, killing her.
    From what he has learned, this may be a larger threat than his original mission.
    He does a quick search around the grounds, then heads off in the direction of this Balog. From this point on, all strangers will be treated neutrally, but watched carefully for deceit. Zakara plans to get near the area of Balog’s lair, and scout around. He will then proceed to town and await his messenger. He will them report of this new threat.

  19. graphalfkor says:

    Old lady: “Nerull is a God, the hater of all that is good, the hater of all life, Lord of those who desire to do evil for the pleasure it gives. His base is in hidden places, fool. And yes, there are many of my brood, boy. We’ve converted quite a few sheep, they were easy prey. After starving and tormenting them, they quickly surrender their lives to my sweet master. As for the Black Empire, it lies southward somewhere. They call em black cloaks, they aren’t the brightest bunch hell I’ve even eaten a few o’ em. But they’re strong and organized, be sure. The black forest kingdom? To the east of Nyr. It’s where them pointed eared devils live, the elves. They don’t like humans much, can you blame em? Heck I recently ate an Elf girl who passed through here, then I ate her parents when they came looking for their lost little freak. I’d just gotten done shitting her out of my arse when her stupid folks came knocking on the door. Oh Herb loves elf-meat, tastes sweetest when you fry it just a bit in butter and garlic” she laughed, “So it’s information you seek, eh? I’ll tell you this much since you look like you might kill me. We was living the simple, quiet life here. Our daughter grew ill, and the town healer couldn’t make heads or tales on her ailment. She died, then was reborn to unlife. It was a blessing secretly bestowed by a kind man, his name is Balog, some refer to him as ‘The Architect’. He was the one who tutored us in the ways of Nerull, and his lair is not far from here.”

  20. (OOC: This a repost of a post I did several days ago. Apparently it didn’t send?)
    You hold the sword on the woman, keeping her pinned to the wall. Zakara quietly studies her for a moment, collecting his thoughts. Quick as a wink, Zakara takes the pommel of his sword and hits the woman on the side of the head. She is knocked semi conscious. Zakara quickly pulls some rope out of his pack and securely ties her up.
    The woman now starts to regain her senses, and if looks could kill, he would be dead. Zakara pulls his knife and approaches the woman. Zakara says, “you are going to die, call it an execution for your crimes against humanity. Die quickly if you answer my question, die slowly, painfully if you resist. We people from the north like to keep people alive for a long time during questioning.
    Who is Nerull? Where is his base? Are there other people such as yourselves that enjoy killing travelers and eating them with in the area? What is their locations? Have you heard of the black empire? Do you know of the dangers, and what is in the Black Forest.”
    With each hesitation, or refusal to answer, he gives her a cut here and there.
    After getting all information that he thinks he will get, he slits her throat. He then proceeds to search the grounds for anything useful.
    Zakara then proceeds on his way.

  21. graphalfkor says:

    ROUND 1: Zakara leaped out of the gaseous cloud, swinging wildly at Herb. Yet the old man sprang backwards nimbly, unlike any elderly man you’ve ever seen before now. ‘I’m not so easy to kill, you little bastard!’ Herb bellowed loudly. The woman came at you with a kitchen knife, and the tip cut a small niche in your arm (-1 hp dmg). With your sword you ran it through Herb, the tip of the weapon pierced out of his back and blood limned his mouth. You then saw his eyes turn milk white for a brief moment, as if some evil spirit fled his dead body.
    “No! You killed Herb, you monster” the lady shouted. She tripped (fumble), leaving herself exposed for a quick counter. You backhanded her and she collapsed, her weapon slid across the basement floor and disappeared. As you brought the sword tip to her chin, she backed up against the wall with a blank expression. Then she sneered at you, laughing ‘You bloody oaf! You should be halfway digested meat right now, you had to go and ruin a good thing we had going for us. Guess you aint from round these parts, eh? You look like one o’ them scraggly heathens up north yonder the mountains. Well what are you going to do now, child of the north?”

  22. With blood lust rushing thru his veins, Zakara draws his glaive and quickly dispatches the zombie girl. Suddenly gas starts pouring into the basement, but thanks to the kidnappers this gas has no effect.
    Herb is talking the whole time about how they kill travelers, and eat the victims. Soon Herb and his wife come down into the basement. Seeing their zombie girl dead they say they will finish the job.
    Zakara finally sees them coming towards him. He attacks Herb with speed and surprise. After he kills Herb?, he tries to subdue the wife and then will tie her up so he can question her.

  23. graphalfkor says:

    The zombie-child kept coming, moaning in its3 inhuman hunger. You grabbed your glaive, as you still had all of your weapons and sliced the child’s head clean from the shoulders. You heard Herb through the trapdoor again, he said: “Sorry, big man, but this is what we do to all strangers who pass through here. Our daughter ate them all, and we watched her. Sometimes, we cut their arms and legs off and let our victims watch Chelsea feast on these bits, bones and the meat. It’s quite fascinating to see the terror on their faces as they realize they’re going to be eaten by an undead little girl. You should have seen the looks on their faces! Imagine the irony of it! It’s such a tremendous moment. We also ate some of them. We were going to eat you also, but it’s been so long since we let dear Chelsea enjoy some human flesh. A man of your musculature would have lasted us over three months, maybe four! Oh well, Orcus be praised for giving us such a healthy victim this time”

    The sub-basement began flooding with a poisoned gas now, sickly green colored. You began coughing violently. It wasn’t knock out gas, but rather gas that weakened those who breathed it in heavily. However, since you recently went through withdraw over the slavers administered narcotic, the effects of this gas had no effect on you whatsoever. You heard the trapdoor fly open, and Herb and his wife climbed down the ladder, trying to find you through the thick layer of cloudy gas. You heard Herb say “Ah, seems like you took Chelsea away from us, no matter. We have many more daughters to choose from. The master provides for his servants. I suppose we’ll get to eat you after all. Come on now, don’t be shy. Might as well give in, it’s useless to resist ‘us’ hahahaha”

    What do you do?

  24. Zakara regains his senses in a sub basement of the barn, where he was tossed. He is basically unhurt. He hears a moaning and sees a girl, zombie like crawling towards him. Zakara starts looking around for some type of weapon.
    Herb says sorry about this, but she is hungry and our master commands this.
    Zakara says, “Herb, if you open the trapdoor and let me go now, I will leave peacefully, and forget this.
    Otherwise you have 5 seconds before I destroy this girl. Then I will get out and we will then discuss your master. You won’t like the questions, I promise.
    Zakara’s battle senses are in full motion as he studies the zombie girl. He will allow her to approach him.
    1…… 2……. 3……. 4……. 5……. Zakara attacks?

  25. graphalfkor says:

    Herb laughed at your response, “You’re a clever lad, witty retort to my sarcasm. Let’s move it into the barn” once you easily move the farming plowshare into the barn, Herb sweeps aside some straw and reveals a trapdoor underneath which he pries open. He clutches in agony at his back, ‘Ack, would you mind going down there? There’s a bottle of vintage Nyrian brandy I wanted to share with you. Should be in the tool room down there. Can’t make the climb worth a damn. Here take this lamp” then, *thwack!* you felt a glancing blow at the base of your skull, and gentle arms grabbing you ‘hoi, he’s a big bastard. Careful with him, lower him gently it’s better if he’s alive’. 

    Some time later, you open your eyes and find yourself in the sub basement beneath the barn. The lamp beside you fills the room with flickering shadows. Then, a groaning sound from somewhere close by. You detected movement from the shadows when a young girl came forth. Except, as she came closer to the light you saw she was not a ordinary girl. Her eyes were strangely colored, her skin was gray and her teeth yellow stained, and bits of rotted flesh marred her childish form. She moaned horribly, like a mindless monster. The zombie-child slithered towards you with arms outstretched.

    The trapdoor above was shut, and you heard on the other side of it: “Sorry friend, we didn’t want this to happen to you, but our new master commands it. It’s easier if you don’t put up any sort of fight. She’s a vicious child, and she’s starving. We can’t deny our precious daughter a gorgeous meal such as you” 
    What do you do??

  26. Zakara takes a liking to these people. They are like his people, hard working honest (mostly), and willing to share. Zakara is still wary of strangers and this concept of trusting strangers, especially since th kidnapper episode.
    Sir, I can’t rightly say how heavy a hill giants nut sack is, but I will take your word that it is heavy. If you show me where it is, and where you want it, I will move it for you.
    They leave the house to move the plowshare, but Zakara remains on alert for any type of ambush or misdeed.

  27. graphalfkor says:

    A ordinary looking mid aged woman answered the door, invited you in ‘Oh dear, I wasn’t expecting guests’ and she said ‘Come right in son, make yourself comfortable’ she fetches you some water and bread. The interior of the house is as you might expect, simple and modestly furnished. ‘Herb, we have a guest’ the woman said, when a man perhaps a few years older came out of the adjoining room. He wore a stern scowl that seemed permanently placed, ‘who the hell is he? Miera why do you have to invite every cotton picking stranger in our house?” he settled down then, took a swig from a flask and said ‘Caer Conig? That’s three days east o’ here lad. Hmmmm, tell ya what. My back’s been killing me of late, and I have a plowshare heavier than a hillgiant’s nutsack out in my barley patch. Must’ve snagged it onto something. In exchange for a home cooked meal and some good directions would you use those muscles to move it into the barn house?”

  28. After meeting one last time with Lady Kyrillia, Zakara goes to the armory and is surprised to see that there is a very fine glaive. It is quickly stored for the trip.
    Soon Zakara finds himself on a magical steed, speeding down a road, where he comes upon a way marker which reads, Fort wrymwatch 45 miles.
    There is a homestead there. Zakara stops and approaches the door and knocks. When the door is answere, Zakara says to the person, ” I am a traveler going to Caer Conig. Is it on this road past Fort Wrymwatch? Would you have some water to drink for my horse and myself? It has been a long journey.”

  29. graphalfkor says:

    Kyrillia said “The queens special forces, the blades of Nyr are Storm, Valtor, Morga, Whisper, Kessa, Zor, and Ash. It’s questionable whether a Goblin can be considered one of them, but Valtor’s porter is a lowly Goblin runt he keeps as a lowly servant.
    Storm is a knight from the city-state of Lor, Kessa is a ranger from Elsmyere, Morga is a Nyriddian bounty huntress and hails from your own lands, Whisper is both a thief and wizard, Ash a cleric of the Love Goddess but formerly an assassin of the Black Empire, and Zor is an exiled drow lord who joined the band on its first mission. You might hate drow but he is an important member of the blades, so treat him as you would me. If you don’t you might regret not heeding my counsel, its unwise to cross a dark elf who is a century older than you.
    No, do not dare travel farther east that would place you into the Black Forest Kingdom, and men are forbade from entering into the deeper woods. There is a village called Longhallow where men are permitted, but other than that you may incur the wrath of the elves. They might not execute you outright, they have a fondness for Nyriddians. Just, don’t venture farther. You’ll have your hands full, rest assured.
    Check in my armory, the glaive is a difficult weapon and a rare one but I do believe one of my captains confiscated one or won one in a recent game of chance. Also, when you make it to Caer Conig seek out Beltyn, my nephew for training. He will teach you things few others can brag of. Here are your possessions, and take this gold. It should suffice as a salary until you reach your destination. Prepare yourself, and remember all that I told you it may save your life”
    As you collected your equipment, Kyrillia began chanting softly : ‘xiltar mulgoth noquar bolyrrul tantatim’ when she placed a hand on your cheek in a smooth caress you felt intense heat and white light blind you. When it vanished, you found yourself upon a horse, at least what appeared to be a horse. It was a qualsi-real horse, crafted from sorcery and was in full gallop. You had to cling on for dear life and was instantly dismounted yet you snatched the saddle and somehow leaped back into the saddle. The horse was in full gallop along a well paved highway that cut through endless pastures, soft rolling green hills, and every so often farmsteads. You heard Kyrillia’s voice whisper into your ear: “This phantom steed will bore you for fourteen hours before returning to its native home plane. It will only permit you and no other to ride it. Be careful, it can die even though it looks like a non-corporeal creature”
    For an hour of fast riding you come across a farmstead ahead. There’s also a signpost with a waymarker that reads ‘Fort wrymwatch, 45 miles’ You stop before the front porch of the farmstead. What do you do?

  30. I understand your words and will try to keep my sword in its scabbard. I understand my mission is to gain information. Will I know who your agents are before hand or wait to be contacted by them?
    I will travel east to Caer Conig and wait for the raven. Will this be my final destination, or will I be going further.
    Lastly, I do have a request. In my escape from my homeland I used and could not retrieve my throwing Glaive. I’m sure that you have a master weapon smith in your employ. Could he make one for me, ready upon my return?
    I take it that I am to depart immediately? I will go prepare my gear now.

  31. graphalfkor says:

    Kyrillia smiled, “Once you’ve reached your destination, ply your blade under the guise of a simple sellsword. A bit of stealth is a better weapon in this particular work. Blend in, don’t draw unwanted attention to yourself, and ‘learn’. You’ll soon discover your strength and skills in combat are of no true worth if you haven’t the discipline and brains to know when, and when not to engage the enemy. Remember this, in Nyr not every battle is won with weaponry, and many are not. Stealth, magic, cunning, and the supernatural can easily evade the reach of your blade. Make friends, map out your surroundings, discover new things which may avail you later. The local guard are always a great way to discover anything useful in the area. Tread carefully, many spies have silently vanished without a trace while investigating this cult. My blades have purged more than one of their bases in the dark elf lands. When you’ve gained anything useful, you will report it to my blades. I will send you word by raven once you reach Caer Conig. It is a mid sized town along the eastern border, close to the Elven lands. Getting there in and of itself will be a test of your mettle, Zakara. I pray you are up to this work. It would be a waste of good coin if you aren’t” she smiled.

  32. Zakara stoically endures his week of “testing”. In truth it was sort of fun, and the exercise was good for the soul.
    Lady Kyrillia brings you into her loft and explains you your mission, basically check out a cult of evil clerics called the Dark Moon Sons. You were pleased to see the heads of your captors in a basket.
    Exactly what is my mission when I find the Dark Moon Sons clerics?

  33. graphalfkor says:

    Kyrillia nodded, then she clapped her hands and in came two of her servants. They laid baskets onto her desk, and she said to you “Behold, I bring you a fine gift” and when the coverings on the baskets were removed, you saw the heads of the slave merchants inside. As you gazed upon them for a bit, she waved a dismissive hand and the servants removed the severed heads. She explained to you: “I had to remove all witnesses and traces of your coming and going’s out of Nyriddia. I would not worry too long about your enemies, they are many but it will take you a long time to become strong enough to pose any real threat to them. For now, let us say my vast network of spies and servants are keeping your presence here a secret, and my special friends have a great talent to do this. The Lorian clerics are skilled in stealth and secrecy, and I happen to be close allies with that ancient order of priests. You see, they serve the God called Lor, he’s the God of Light, knowledge, and wisdom, yet mostly the God of secrets. With his approval, or decline secrets are permitted into the world, or kept from the worlds knowing. They are masters of keeping things concealed and protected from others learning. So you see, you are in good hands so to speak” she added. Then, she smiled and said “You showed great restraint and discipline not having raped or pleasured yourself with my handmaidens, though I wanted you to engage in the act. It would have been…informative” she smiled. Then she continued on: 
    “First, I will put you to the test. A trueborn Drenai has never actually been examined, studied, researched up until now. You yourself are actually half human, and half Drenai, which are considered more formidable and powerful than full blooded ones for some unexplainable reason. Once I’ve fully analyzed and studied you to my satisfaction, which ought take but a week I will send you out on your very first mission. So take this time to prepare yourself, to rest and enjoy life. Your first mission will not be an easy one I’m afraid. It will be one that will be challenging, dangerous, and possibly frustrating” she said.
    For a week, Kyrillia brought you into an underground gymnasium where you fought constantly against several illusionary opponents: hobgoblins, orcs, ogres, trolls, giants, and lizard men. Then she tested various spells on you, mostly energy based spells from rays of weakness to enlarging and reducing your physical size. Many did not affect you, and some did. She unleashed several rays of red, green, and blue upon you which you either dodged and avoided or absorbed and deflected.
    Kyrillia said “Quite amazing, truly stupendous! It’s as if your own body has some secret survival trait to overcome threats to it, and you physically can adapt to those threats to better avoid or out maneuver even magic” she said, laughing. 
    Then, as the week neared its end, Kyrillia brought you to her loft and sat you down. She said “Now, your first mission. I must explain to you that everything you learn in this room remains of the most vital secrecy unto you, even on threat of pain. I’m sending you east, across the kingdom toward the eastern border. You will be an acting as an agent of House Kyrillia, however I am myself a servant of the queen of Nyr. Pay heed, this is important work at hand.
    Recently I discovered the hatching of a fresh plot by an evil cult of clerics calling themselves the Dark Moon Sons. Little is known about them, except that they worship a demonlord named Demogorgon and they actively kidnap or assassinate important people throughout the known realms. This plot I believe has different purposes, but the chief motive is to hurt and diminish the Dwarven Empire, one of my queens staunchest allies. You would be interested to know that this very cult I speak of controls the same exact slavers who captured you in the first place. Right now, I’ve set another party to debunk the works of my kingdom’s enemies. The party is on a vital mission to rescue the queen from an elaborate assassination attempt. The enemy has gathered an evil band of adventurer’s to pose as the queens own blades of Nyr, in an attempt to get close to the queen and destroy her. ”

  34. After his meal, Zakara is taken up the stairs in to a chamber where Lady Kyrillia awaits. She explains that her sister, Natasha, has usurped the throne of Nyriddia, and formed an alliance with the Black Empire. They are now hunting done those people that are full blooded Drenai. Zakara happens to be one of them. Zakara’s capture was because his captures were notified by magical means of his coming.
    Lady Kyrillia gives Zakara two options. One is to try and earn his freedom thru long hard labor. The other option was to serve the House Kyrillia.
    Zakara ponders his decision for a moment, then replies. Your hard labor I could endure. But I have decided to work for House Kyrillia. But I do this willingly, with these few conditions. My ultimate goal, both short and long term is to kill those that was involved with my capture, and to eliminate those that are trying to destroy the full blooded Drenai. Do you agree to my conditions, and what would you have me to do?

  35. After his bath, Zakara is given a meal. Giant squid soup was ok, but the fried Kraken was tasty.
    After the meal, Zakara is escorted up the stairs of the tow

  36. graphalfkor says:

    Zakara is soon fetched shortly after he has had food, which was extravagant and strange. You’ve never eaten giant squid soup before, or fried kraken meat.
    You’re taken up the winding stairs by two guards who look less than thrilled at the task. Shoved through a set of double doors where four soldiers were stationed, each with their own dog, large mastiff hounds. Zakara finds himself within a spacious, luxurious castle loft, when he see’s the sorceress from earlier. She had black silken hair and a quiet exquisite beauty that seemed nature and pure, especially since she wore no makeup or much jewelry. She smiled and waved a hand in your direction, when your bindings slithered off of your wrists and ankles then vanished as they became whisps of white powder.
    The sorceress bade you to seat yourself before her oak desk. Most of the chamber was full of a sea of plus cushions, and there were numerous windows overlooking a bustling city. She says in a feminine but commanding voice “I am Lady Kyrillia, Nyriddian. I sense that you are confused and maybe angered at your present predicament, yet you can rest assured a better fate could not have befell you on this…exciting day” she beckoned for you to come closer to her, and she held your arm as a woman does a man with true femininity and lead you toward a window. You beheld a majestic view of Nyriddia far to the north, beyond the visible Ashblood mountains. “Natasha, the tyrant queen of your cold, hostile realm has usurped the throne of blades. She is in league with a mutual foe betwixt both our people, the Black Empire. I know of this, because I fear she happens to be my sister” her face gazed downward as if embarassed by the admission, then she gulped apprehensively as if fighting some inner pain, “A truth I do not tell you lightly, though we are of the same womb we are not of the same soul or disposition in life” she added. Then Kyrillia paused, sipping some wine from a golden chalice before continuing. “There is more. Upon assuming power over the clans, she dispatched her black cloaks to find the marked ones. Your ilk are not easily identified, yet you must remember Natasha is a sorceress of significant proficiency and knows the art of divination. The marked ones are descendants of trueborn Drenai. Their very blood runs in your veins. Few that exist to this day even know this, and this knowledge is considered extremely rare.
    Aeons ago, when this world was in its infancy men, and demi-humans alike were subjugated by an ancient warrior race called the Drenai. They looked remarkably similar to men, with only minor differences. Mostly that their hair was wild looking but would stay at a certain level of growth, or their irregularly large appetites twice that of an Ogres, and a lack of facial hair. More telltale clues were well beyond these subtle characteristics: unusually high levels of strength, dexterity, vitality and health. They had lifespans that surpassed elves.
    One day, the Dren simply left this world behind. They had conquered all races, and they grew weary of lack of battle. Without sport, without competition, without the epic theatricality of constant action they found no joy in themselves. So on large ships they partook in a mass exodus into the sea of planes bound for other realms throughout the multiverse. Some even having gone into the Abyss willingly. When they left, they left behind entire slave kingdoms which had become masterless, yet eventually after many thousands of years shaped themselves into the Inner Kingdoms and other realms we know naught of across the sea of planes, which not even the sea kings your forefathers have journeyed across and returned alive.
    Natasha learned of the Dren and sought to aquire some, those who refused to bend to her will she murdered. She hoped to enslave you, hence the slave catchers were waiting on the opposite side of the tunnel informed by her through magical means. Lady luck smiled upon you, these stupid flesh merchants sold you at market for a pittance. They could have gone to Nyriddia to sell you to Natasha, yet hadn’t the courage to make the journey. Few merchants have the stones for such a voyage.
    As I purchased you, you are under law my property. However, that said I am first and foremost a Harkkonian. We do not do things simply for the pleasure of doing them, and I offer you two paths. One, you can remain under my wing and serve the designs of House Kyrillia. Or, you can do hard work and earn your freedom through blood, sweat and tears like a ordinary slave. A thousand gold can be earned in a year. However, I have greater ambitions for your particular strengths, qualities I wish to enhance and cultivate. The realm of Nyr can use a Drenai warrior in its favor. What say you?”

  37. Zakara wakes up and realizes that he had been had by these southern heathen. Just the thought of his situation made his blood boil. He silently made a vow that he would kill the men that kidnapped him. At this point he had no idea as to why he had been captured, as he had not wronged these men.
    His accommodations were definitely on the low end of life. Very, very basic, but no more. Soon food appeared thru a sliding door in the door, but more meat. How,is one to survive without meat. They call me a barbarian.
    Finally, Zakara is pulled out of the cell by several armed men, and placed in chains out in the marketplace. He sees that he isn’t the only one that was captured. From the talk by the guards and the crowd, it is now apparent the they are to be used to service harems and whores. Life could be worse.
    A bald fat merchant, and a young woman start bidding on Zakara. The merchant tries to get his goods cheap, but the woman is determined to win. Win she does. She takes Zakara by his chain, followed by guards toward a tower. There she looks towards a beautiful woman, dressed like a sorceress, who quickly disappears into the tower.
    The woman tells the guards to take him upstairs for a bath, and checked out for lice and defects, in readiness to meet her master. The slaves that attend to him at his bath seem quite interested in being with him, but he shows no interest in them. He awaits to meet his new master, and hopefully get some information about thee.e that captured him.

  38. graphalfkor says:

    The men receive you with a friendly, casual nod, ‘come hiter friend, you gave us a start’ said the first one. He was a fairly tall, thin man with tanned leathery skin, a smooth face and angular features, ‘hmph, you must be a Nyriddian, you look like a damned ox. Here you go, have some coffee just brewed a fresh pot’.
    As you drank the coffee, a deep drowsiness quickly overcame you. You woke an incalculable amount of time later, and found yourself within a cell. A bitter taste of some narcotic stung your tongue as it lapped your lips, and you felt incredible weakened (str: 6). The cell was occupied with a single cot, a chamber-pot that reeked of rust and feces, urine, and other horrid smells, and every now and then you spy a mouse or rat coming in and out a hole beneath the cot. You have none of your possessions and are only wearing your loin cloth.
    Several hours pass, you sleep out of sheer boredom. A sliding panel set at the bottom of the metalic door slithered wide and a platter of food was inserted through: bread, cheese, a bowl of barely strew, no meat or any kind of substantial protein.
    Then, the door sprung open, and two burly men came forward. The first was shorter than you, but corded with layered muscles and his head was protected by a visored helm, and he had a whip, a striking rod, and some arm attachment like brass knuckles only spiked. They both pummeled you senseless and you felt yourself being dragged subconsciously. When you were stirred to consciousness, you stood on a wooden block with iron manacles attached to your wrists and ankles, surrounded by a large bustling crowd of common folk, merchants, servants of greater masters, soldiers, and every so often a demi human, mostly half-elves or dwarves, or a child-like halfling. Several other persons were next to you, chained similarly to yourself.
    A bald, fat merchant was pulled forth by an entourage of four muscular slaves. He bore several rings and other jeweled adornments and had a keeness set in his eyes, like one who appraised everything as an opportunity to wrangle into a desired outcome, “Hmmm, these others aren’t even worth orc shit, Galberon. Except for that strapping young fleshling, he looks like a Nyriddian savage. Ah I was looking for a bedslave today, not another one of these frozen brained brutes. I’ll give you four hundred for him, I’m feeling generous today” the fat merchant said. The same man who gave you coffee with a smile laughed, “Four hundred? Not even nearly enough what I would charge you to have this one fuck one of your bedslaves!”
    “Six hundred, slaver” chimned a voice nearby. A sweet, tender female voice. You saw a raven haired woman in the crowd, with olive tinged skin and mesmerizing emerald eyes. The fat man scoffed, ‘What?! Your mistress send you to fetch her a fresh strapping young stallion, Khassandra? Seven fifty, and that’s being generous. I need this Nyriddian to impregnate some of my whore-slaves. With his huge cock he ought to be able to make me an entire slave pen by next winter”
    “A thousand” the girl said, unflinching.
    The fat merchant laughed, ‘Bah, if Lady Kyrillia would debase her own pussy with Nyriddian seed, who would I be to interfere with her?”
    “Sold, to the Harkonnian woman. Pay my son there, and take your writ of ownership. No refunds or exchanges, all sales are final. Thank your mistress mi’lady”
    The girl, named Kassandra interjected, ‘Not so fast, flesh merchant. Where is his equipment?”
    The flesh merchant made a gesture and one of his buddies ran over with your belongings, which the girl Kassandra collected. She took you by your chains, and moved you with strength belying her feminine, delicate physique. She leads you towards a not so far off tower overlooking the large seascape of the sea of planes. As you enter into the courtyard, and see several soldiers clad in chainmail and helm, you look up to spot a beautiful woman clad in the rainment of a sorceress. Her eyes bewitched you, they glowered with an eldritch azure radiance. With noncholance she turned and disapppeared into the innards of the tower-fortress.
    Kassandra handed you over to four men, and they looked upon her for orders. “Take him and get him washed up, he smells fouler than a unbathed ogre. When he’s bathed and had some food in his belly, present him to the mistress for inspection. Note any defects, check and see if his urine is piss is proper to. Make sure the chambermaids get rid of any lice or crabs he may have as well”
    “Aye” the guards dragged you easily up a flight of steps and into a huge, fanciful chamber. In the middle of this room was a white ivory bath tub, and in came four women who lead you into the bath tub. One of the guards unfastened your irons, he knelt down and whispered ‘if you even so much as think of escaping or causing me grief, I’ll personally flay you and make a dress out of your skin once its sufficiently sun-dried” he said with menace in his voice.
    The four women begin washing you and admiring your form with obvious seduction in their eyes, and offer themselves freely for the taking. The first was dirt blond, the second a brunette, the 3rd had dark black hair and slanted eyes, and the fourth was half-elven with silver hair yet average looking.
    What do you do?

  39. Zakara sees the small encampment with several unarmored men in it. It appears that they are in the early stages of breaking camp. The smell of bacon and coffee is enticing.
    Zakara slowly approaches the camp. He remains on guard and wary as he nears the camp. A short distance from the campsite, he hails the men. “You in the camp, might you have some extra coffee? I’m
    A traveler, new to these parts, and could use some directions of this land. Can you help me?”

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